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Work experience

Dec 2009Sep 2010

EVP, Head of Risk Management

Intesa Sanpaolo
Aug 2008Dec 2009

EVP, Head of Market Risk and Structured Equity Products

Intesa Sanpaolo

While maintaining all previously-held responsibilities in the London Branch, I managed the market risk associated with the activity of Treasury, Fixed Income desks for the New York branch, focusing on the Asset Backed Securities and Structured Credit Products.


Developed and implemented new policies and pricing software in the New York branch for evaluation of CDOs investments and credit arbitrage/trading business, which increased the management’s ability to evaluate and manage the value and risks of the Bank’s portfolio.

May 2002Jul 2008

FVP, Head of Market Risk and Structured Equity Products

Intesa Sanpaolo

Managed the risk profile originated by the Equity Derivatives and Structured Equity business, including revaluation of exotic instruments (mountain range options, asian options, worst of, cliquet options, capital protected instruments), and providing an enterprise-wide perception of the risk across all of the Bank’s branches and subsidiaries.


Devised and obtained approval of a new Internal Model for Regulatory Capital Absorption by Bank of Italy for the Equity Structured business of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group.

Developed a new and highly successful Risk Management Unit team for equity-related market data management in the London Branch.In recognition of the RMU’s excellence, the Bank rewarded my team by adding to their responsibilities the production of derived market data (such as volatility surfaces and correlation matrix) for the pricing of equity-linked products for Banca Intesa group worldwide based on a proprietary software application created by my team.

Invented and pursued jointly with the RMU team the development of a proprietary valuation and risk measuring software dedicated to exotic and vanilla equity options. The system was eventually implemented across the entire Banca Intesa Sanpaolo Group. The application was completely developed and managed under my supervision and covered revaluation and risk profile of 110 exotic pay-offs on multiple portfolios of over 1,500 exotic options and 9bln Euros of nominal value.

Jan 1998May 2002

VP, Head of Risk Management

Banca Commerciale Italiana

In charge of market and credit risk management at the New York Branch with a particular focus over the credit derivatives business.


Created the first Risk Management Department for the branch.Established the new risk management infrastructure by developing and instituting policies and procedures; created a ALCO policy and Committee, Liquidity Policy and Contingency Funding Plan; and designed and supervised the daily market risk reports and stress scenario analysis.I also implemented several risk management systems covering VAR computation (Algorithmics – RiskWatch), daily operative limits (Panorama - Sungard), structured credit products (CDO Managerand KMV), and a proprietary framework for the risk profile of weather derivatives.

My work directly led the Federal Reserve to upgrade the score of the Risk Management framework to ‘satisfactory’.


Oct 1986Mar 1991


Universita degli Studi di Pavia


Head of Risk Management with excellent experience in managing and organizing  technical and quantitative teams in projects involving different departments under strict deadlines. Created and supervised the implementation of pricing and risk management software to value, hedge and compute risk analytics and economic capital for complex derivatives in London and New York.


I recently left my position as an executive vice president for Intesa Sanpaolo, the largest bank in Italy.I had the responsibility of Head of Risk Management in New York, the bank's most prestigious branch office.I have nearly 20 years experience managing market risk.Over the past 12 years, I have worked with the bank to restructure the risk management groups in New York, London, and Italy.

While in London, I developed a new and highly successful risk management unit, supervised a team of 14 highly-skilled senior quantitative analysts and IT specialist, and implemented a new internal model for regulatory capital absorption for the equity structured business.Under my direction, the team built an equity derivatives pricing system that was able to price multiple equities and hybrid exotic option pay-offs. The system was successful; it was eventually adopted by the entire bank as the primary system for pricing and computing the risk of structured equity derivatives.After my great success in London, the bank asked me to take on the additional responsibility of monitoring the New York branch's portfolio of structured credit products.Eventually I took over the entire Risk Management practice in New York.

My efforts in London and New York increased the bank's ability to analyze profitability and risks and efficiently allocate capital.My changes helped to ensure that the bank remained strong during the recent global financial turmoil.

After 12 years of developing highly successful risk management teams for the bank, I had exhausted all of the challenges they had to offer.I am looking for a new challenge and a new place to apply my considerable knowledge and expertise.


Regulators Liaison
Worked closely with Banking Regulators in order to validate internal model for capital absorption and assessing compliance and adequacy of risk management and valuation policies and procedures.



Certified Risk Professional


Financial Analyst