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Customer-focused, on-time delivery of finished product and pride in the details of quality fine workmanship come with being a third generation contractor and trusted project manager for a respected builder. I am proud of my and my family’s accomplishments in both management and construction and look forward to applying my experience to the industry on a larger scale. 

Work experience


Project Superintendent

Cresleigh Homes Corp

·Managed the myriad on multiple separate sites simultaneously including subcontractors, inspections, client meetings, and more.

·Interfaced with nearly all other department heads to ensure timely and efficient completion of each project and clear communication throughout all projects.

·Provided excellent customer service winning multiple awards for high marks on customer satisfaction surveys.

·Volunteered to work as Purchasing Agent when the need arose thereby multitasking existing responsibilities with new ones seamlessly.

·Managed a strict budget, regularly negotiating new pricing with the mantra, “Spend each dollar like your own,” in mind.

·Tracked and managed all spending and prepared daily, weekly and monthly reports reflecting such.

·Recognized as the only employee to supervise the construction of two high profile model complexes. 


Self Employed

Home remodeling for resale

·Remodeled homes purchased from distress sales for “Paying cash for houses dot com,” a Phoenix-based remodeling company.

·Remodeling and repair tasks ranging from concrete and stucco to all finish trades.

·Client required that each project be completed in it’s entirety in under 30 days.

·Purchased supplies and materials for projects on client’s account-high level of trust earned. 



Mogollon Builders

·Seasonal Apprenticeship through high school and college for family-owned residential and commercial contractor that serves Arizona and California.

·Every phase of construction from underground utilities to delivery performed and or overseen.

·Directly interfaced with custom home buyer-clientele and provided top-notch customer service resulting in more referrals than could be accepted.

·Commercial projects included “modular clean room” construction (Servicor), Checker Auto parts, government contract projects, and more. 



General Contractor's License

California Contractor Licensing School

Intensive study over a six month period in preparation for the state exam. Study included all facets of construction contracting including safety, law, building codes and business. Passed exam on initial try.  



Northern Arizona University



As a college graduate, I have gained excellent typing skills as well as a professional understanding of Microsoft suite. I have use my computer skills to create reports, templates, spreadsheets, etc.. Further, I have used scheduling programs such as lotus 123 and very regularly use Outlook to send track and organized tasks and emails.  Through the use of computers, I find I am operating very efficiently. 
Foreign Language
After much scholastic and self study along with social immersion and on-the-job practice over the years, I have become communicative in Spanish especially in a construction environment. I continue to study on my own and involve myself in clubs and conversation to enhance this skill. 


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Todd Sellers

I worked under Mr. Sellers for nearly 8 years and during that time was given opportunity after opportunity to advance by him. My experience working under him was an absolute pleasure and I am confident he would say the same about Me. 

Judy Hirigoyen

Judy is a former and current client of mine for a number of different projects including photography and video work as well as design and renovation services. I have worked with Judy many times over the years on many varying projects making her a great reference for my adaptability, problem solving, organization and quality. 

Robert Losey

Being the Director of Customer Service, Robert reviewed any and all surveys, result reports, and correspondences of accolade having to do with my work in the realm of customer service. I think that over the years, Robert helped to sharpen my customer service skills to ensure that no issue couldn't be faced with confidence, resolve and tact.  

Deana Ellis

Deana is a fine manager and multi-tasker and is a constant reminder that everyone in the company is always capable of doing a little more. I am and was proud to work with her on many projects and learned plenty along the way. She helped me develop my professionalism and I feel that she capable of conveying a very accurate portrayal of my work ethic and drive. 

Doug Hale

I learned quite a bit about business relations, the importance of rapport, and construction working under Mr. Hale. I can truly say that it was a pleasant and educational experience working with him. I would love to work with him again some day and I'm sure he would say the same about me.