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  • My passion to have the necessary skills (computer and SAQA qualifications) needed in order to have the cutting edge.
  • Innovative and creative mind
  • Image is important. Proffesional appearance influence your focus and conduct in life.
  • I generally have a positive outlook on life
  • I know my subject matter: Real Estate Environment
  • Read and research relevant texts to better myself


  • The typical office environment and its politics numbs me and obscure my focus.
  • Can't say 'NO' convincingly.
  • Spend too much time organising my business. I do need an assistant.
  • Loose sight of my financial planning
  • Submissive - Not forcefull enough to claim my rights. 


  • To work independantly under the umbrella of a firmly based company with a better dispensation that what the industry offers today.
  • Systematically establish the concept of Independant property consultant on the South Coast and liberate every agent that is willing and able.
  • To operate according to personal values and beliefs
  • To position myself now while the economic indicators are improving.
  • Irrelevant of the opposition in the market place today, the main role players do not offer a better compensation structure for the working agent today. The truth is; even within a big company the agent remains 'an independant contractor' and is in fact on his/her own. 
  • The market place is ripe and ready for new a new dispensation. 


  • The one man business is a phenomana of the past. Small Estate Agencies without a backup support, having to supplement their income with a letting division are closing down one by one, therefore a comprehensive affordability study needs to be done. 
  • In order to be a truelly Independant Agent the following qualifications will have to be met:
  1. EAAB's "PDE" is required to complete the NQF4 qualification.
  2. Principal Agent a further qualification is needed i.e. NQF5(business Management)
  • The main role players in the industry today i.e. Wakefields; Realty 1; Chass Everitt; Re/Max; Pam Golding; Engel & Volkers of which Wakefields are the leaders in market share.
  • Although the population is growing on the South Coast it remains primarily a holiday destination which in real terms seculates the potential buyer for a second property apposed to a primary residense.
  • The current economic conditions of bond availabilty is still stringend and therefore more properties are selling in the lower price bracket than the luxury units. Irrespective of position or condition the market is driven primarily on price. The counter solution to this in my opinion is 'Fractional Ownership' where families can have the seaside holiday home but sharing the costs, however this in itself is a concept that only befalls the few.

“I never did a days work in all my life. It was all fun”Thomas Edison

“The master in the art of living makes little distinction between work and play,

his labour and his leisure, his mind and his body, his information and recreation,

his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he do, leaving others to decide if he is working or playing.

To him, he is doing


“In solemn pride I stand aloof and greet each venture with reproof”

The world would sleep if things were run by those who said " IT CANT BE DONE"

I have been in the Real Estate industry since 2005 and through trial and error have reached certain milestones beyond my expectation. All the credit goes to Wakefields who was paramount in the high quality of training that I received from them and it is with this confidence that I can move forward and pursue a new challenge.

I have always had the tendency to stretch the boundaries and my ultimate goal is to be truelly independant, capatilising on my lessons learned. 

I do believe that my spirit of innovation and recreation will add value to your company.

Mission Statement

“Great works are performed not by strength, but by Perseverance and commitment”

I pledge to diligently pursue the Business Acumen needed to serve my clients- both buyers and sellers-to their best interest, and therefore will always seek a frame of mind based on principals and values - rather than on moods and circumstances-that govern all interactions in decision-making

Work experience

Jan 2007Present



Wakefields Real Estate company is the largest and most accredited company in Kwa Zulu Natal. It is with great thankfulness towards Wakefields for the outstanding training and guidance that I have received from them. However I do feel that the level of my expertise and knowledge of the Real Estate Environment has grown exponentially over the last three years and that I am ready for a new direction and new challenges within the industry.

On the Road to Success

From Jan 2007 - March 2008 I achieved the status of Premier Property Consultant which means a total number of >7 sales or commission earned of >R150 000.  Wakefields also give recognitions to agents on a quarterly basis for achieving certain milestones in the form of a Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates. It was within this period that I received 2 Silvers and 1 Bronze certificate.


Candidate Estate Agent

RE/MAX By the Sea

As a newcomer to the industry, I joined RE/MAX with just a certificate from the EAAB examination written in June 2004. Needless to say I didn't know what I was doing but nevertheless has learnt valuable lessons and made good contacts that would stand the test of time.

My stay with RE/MAX were only 6 months.


Credit Controller


This was a family business and we did importation and distribution of USB computer components.

I was fortunate to give support on a part time basis which allowed me the time to be a mother as well.

My main functions were Administration and Credit controlling.


Office Designer


The most rewarding period of my life where I could express my passion for design and the architecture in the corporate world.

Towards the latter part of my employment years I was the disignated designer in concept design for corporate companies such as:

  • Mercedes Benze
  • The South African Reseve bank
  • Infoplan and affiliated Armscor

It is within this period that I learnt the new technologies of Computer Aided Design.

Since then whether it be formal or informal have I tried to keep up with computer technolgy.




Apr 2004Present

EAAB examination


Jill Corfield is a well known roleplayer in the Real Estate Industry and is a proffesional trainer for the Real Estate Profession.

It was under her guidance and teachings that I successfully passed the Board examination set by the EAAB for the time.


Sales and Marketing Course


Wakefields Training Acadamy offers a compulsary course of in Sales and Marketing with the following course requirements:

  • Preparing the Agreement of Sale
  • Presenting the Agreement of Sale
  • Marketing the Property
  • Subjective Conditions
  • Advertising
  • Prospecting for Buyers and Sellers
  • Demonstrating the Property
  • Obtaining the Order
  • Qualifying Buyers
  • Negotiating



I grew up on a farm in the North-West province and did my Primary Schooling in the small town of Hartbeesfontein. A carefree and wonderfully simplictic lifestyle where values are more important than wealth,

where an all rounded approach with sport and academics must meet a balance.

My Secondary school years were very rewarding. I didn't walk away with any academic awards but prided my parents with leadership positions such as prefect in hostel as well as in school. My sport accolades were provincial colours in hockey, tennis and athletics.

Feb 2008Aug 2008



The Wakefields Training Acadamy is an accredited training facilitator as prescibed by SAQA and it is here that I successfully completed the Recognition of Prior Learning of the National FET Certificate 59097 in Real Estate.

This experience were both challenging and rewarding.

Although the Acadamy prepares its agents for the market, the indepth studies of this course filled the academic gaps necessary for any agent to be truelly professional. 


Diploma in Interior, Stage and Display Design


This course were in its infancy years in the 1970's, of which Interior-, Stage-, and Display design were the main subjects. However a wider spectrum of art and concept design were incorporated with subjects such as: 

History of Art; Fine Arts; Photography; Pottery; Sculpting; Architectural Studies.


'If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there' has instilled a fear of destiny in me. I have learnt through various mediums the importance of 'goalsetting'. GOALPRO is a program from Success studios which I use to clarify all the grey areas of who I am and where I'm going. MICROSOFT OUTLOOK becomes the ultimate diary in the workplace in pinpointing daily activities.  
Power Point Presentation
It is with great pride when I present a PPP to a client. This extra mile in appreciation of their biggest asset has proved loyalty and long standing relationships with sellers.
Publisher is essential for advertising material such as Show House Brochures, Pamflets and Posters etc. The ability to personalise each property and give it the best possible change of marketing underlines the intention of sevice to the seller. Each property is an indivdual and a very important asset to the owner and deserves the best chance in the marketplace.
Marketing, Photography and Advertising
Wakefields Training Acadamy offered a course in the marketing aspects of photography and advertising slogans and methology in September 2008.  
Computer Literacy
'CAREERS IT' is a ISETT SETA Acredited Training Provider where I have successfully completed a course in Advanced Excel 2003 in Oct 2007.  

Work Portfolio


In-house Quaterly Awards

Jun 2007Present




Mar 2010Present


Prior Learning Centre



Ordinary Member