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I enjoy the IT field immensely. I have been involved with computers/programming/support since I was a teenager and continue to do so until today. My major area of expertise is in UNIX and middleware. I have led many teams as a team lead and a manager. I have kept my technical skills in use by volunteering to create and manage some websites (using Linux, of course) and by being the IT department for my company. My creativity is what really sets me apart from other candidates, I understand the underlying technology and often have ideas that save time or produce a better outcome.


I have [too] many interests ...

Photography is one of those interests that have been with me for a long time. I have a small home studio that use on occasion. I have done some product shots for hire. But mostly it is for fun.

Electronics has been a long time hobby as well. I have created circuits and I have taught myself digital electronics as well as PIC programming.

Kites hold a special place in my heart as well. I like to collect them more than make them. One of these days I'll have enough time to make one. I did make a Picavet device so that I could get clear images and video.

I have been learning French in my spare time. I am not very far along, but I do know how to say that I don't speak French well (grin).

Work experience

Software Systems Engineer


Provided software support & tool creation in support of airline reservation systems. Created a tool that allowed VM users to schedule meetings across various time zones. Responsible for an offline restore package of an online reservation system.

Sep 2009Present


Handyman Matters

President of Handyman Matters of Concord, NC. Responsible for the day to day operations, marketing, purchasing, HR, technology, sales, and customer support. Designed, installed, and maintain the VOIP phone system and the call recording server. Put together the IT infrastructure for the company using Smoothwall firewall, CentOS Samba server for NAS, Centos email server using Postfix, internal Wiki using Apache and Mediawiki, as well as a MySQL database server and back server.

Jan 2011Present

Director of College Information Systems

Rowan Cabarrus Community College

Responsible for the overall operations of the College Information Systems team. CIS manages the ERP system, Internal and external Web pages, Sharepoint services, Singularity services, Active Directory, Report publishing, production databases, application security, online "cloud" services and various third-party software applications.

Nov 2006Sep 2009

Manager - Global Customer Support

Dassault Systemes

Manager of the DSS Global Customer Service department through a period of intense growth (50% increase in revenue). Responsible for more than 35 high level product experts spread out across the US, Argentina, Canada, Germany, India, and Russia. Customer base included major OEMs in Aerospace, Automotive, and manufacturing, including Boeing 787 (24x7), Ford Global Support, Sikorsky Helicopters, JCI Automotive, and Komatsu. Coordinated with various IT teams for product environments, telephone hardware configurations, various 3rd party support agreements, virtualized environments, etc. Guided the development of a metrics package that allowed us to focus our resources on the Boeing 787 project – we went from last to 2nd place in TAT & backlog.

Responsible for creating SOWs and for estimating large support contracts. Participated in sales calls where I presented the help desk service to the desicion makers in the client company.Created a spreadsheet  estimation system that allowed us to accurately estimate the predicted call volume, associated FTE requirements, as well as our price based on our margin requirements.

Led the implementation of a cloud based ACD phone system to replace a system that was being retired and found a better and cheaper solution. Responsible for budget planning, education planning, software upgrade coordination, personnel review, contract review, and pricing.

Apr 2000Nov 2006

Advisory UNIX Sys Admin /Team Lead


Team Lead for application support sub team which was responsible for creating, troubleshooting, and maintaining the developer environment for the flagship product, Enovia V5. Supported four Unix hardware platforms. Supported various customer projects with Toyota Motor Corp, Volvo, etc. Provided test environments for NLS (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc) testing. Responsible for various 3rd party software package support such as Oracle, DB2, Aspect Explore, SAP, LUM, etc. Recommended and implemented a Network Access Storage (NAS) solution which provided development with a very stable environment. Implemented monitoring tool to reduce downtime and increase reliability. Interviewed and trained new SEs and contractors. Designed and led the implementation of an automated in-house CD publishing system that reduced the cost of CDs being shipped from France and reduced the turn around time to minutes from days. Found, improved, and implemented an opensource system monitoring system that allowed our team to proactively monitor our systems, databases, and daemons. This was done without adding head count and without spending over $10K as other parts of the company did. Pioneered the use of VMWare as a demo and training mechanism for the flagship product. The technique was presented to the main IT team at Dassault HQ in Paris, France.

Aug 1999Apr 2000


Breck Technology Systems Inc

IT liaison for major software product rollout. Responsible for configuration management. Unix support, DB2/Oracle support in a C++ development shop. Participated in technology planning for the IT department.

Jan 1998Aug 1999

Application Engineer


Installed/Configured/Troubleshot CAD/CAM/PDM software packages. Consulted with customers regarding Unix configuration, best practices, Oracle tuning, etc. Supported various accounts all over the East Coast.


Software Systems Engineer


Founding member of the UNIX support team. Supported HPUX, AIX, Solaris, and Irix.Involved in the support of major customers in a 24/7 environment. Migrated many customers to UNIX from mainframe. Involved in high-availability projects. Responsible for project management, system migration, and security consultation for various customers in various industries such as airline, manufacturing, and banking.


Associate Software Systems Engineer

EDS/Eastern Airlines

Played a significant role in the complete automation of the daily test system configuration. Eliminated the need for physical tapes, about 100 per night. Increased the productivity of the test systems group and operations.



Eastern Airlines/EDS/Enovia

Various Company Courses:

  • Project Management
  • TPF Assembly Language


Cobol, Assembly Programming, Fortran, PDP 11/40


University of Florida

Basic Liberal Arts courses and some engineering courses.


University of Miami

Participated in a summer long intense computer study for students who had a high science aptitude. One of the first programs to use Apple II computers.


LUM Admin
Responsible for the LUM (License Use Manager) processes. This included ordering licenses, installing them, monitoring the daemon, maintenance, upgrades, etc. Managed a HA-LUM cluster. Involved in providing support to end customers who where having problems with LUM.
Perl programming
I have created small Perl programs, mostly to create automatic reports. I have debugged a ton of Perl programs. I find it easy to follow Perl programs since the language is structured like many other computer languages.
Chilean by birth Can Speak, Read, and Write Understands Chilean, Argentine, Cuban, and Colombian Spanish dialects - others as well, but more limited vocabulary.
Personnel Performance Review
Create job descriptions Track performance Regular reviews Year end performance appraisal
Tenacious Root Cause finder Out of the box thinking System view Can find the cause of those problems that no-one else can figure out On the fly script writer to find patterns
SOW (Statement of Work)
Create job descriptions Create schedules for deliverables Create descriptions for deliverables Provide man power estimates for complex support situations Create pricing and project budgets Work with legal department to verify that SOW is contract worthy Manage multiple piece SOWs
CentOS 5 Red Hat 5, 6 Fedora 7, 8 , 9 Slackware
Create VMs for Windows (98, XP, 2000), Linux Manage VMs using ESX Created demo machines for sales and support to use
Office Productivity Software
Microsoft Word (TOC, variables, some VBA) Excel (pivot tables, some VBA) Powerpoint SQL Project Outlook Open Office Writer Calc Base Impress
Windows XP/Vista
Debug issues relating to permissions, connectivity, performance, drivers, etc Load system using CDs or network Registry edits to fine tune systems Connect to UNIX using Samba (as a PDC) All around knowledge about Windows shortcuts, hints, etc
Oracle System Admin
Install Oracle 7/8/9 Backup/Restore databases Troubleshoot connectivity issues with Listener Help DBAs with UNIX issues relating to Oracle
Firewall Install
Deploy/Manage Smoothwall or PFSense as a firewall appliance for a private school and church Create custom rules to allow special services (e.g., VOIP traffic) Deploy/Manage SquidGuard implementation for content blocking (private school) Deploy/Manage a captive portal for semi-open wireless access Upgrade the firmware and software on the firewalls
VOIP system for office
Deployed multi-line phone system in home office Created a stand alone Linux system to record calls for quality purposes Manage VOIP phones, Cisco router, and capture device
Drupal deployment
Install & configure Drupal Create backup scripts Create automation scripts Update core and add-ons Manage rules and security settings Created various websites that are membership driven (e.g.,
PHP programming
Customize/debug PHP websites using Drupal, Wordpress, etc Create simple programs for web sites
Network Administration
Install CAT5 cable, patch panels, wall plates Configure routers Troubleshoot connectivity issues Snoop traffic to understand what is happening Configure firewall devices (Smoothwall, pfsense) Create DMZ to secure web site Harden UNIX to prevent attacks Clean up after attacks
Shell Scripting
Create UNIX scripts to automate repetitive tasks KSH, BASH, some CSH Daily DB backups Software install scripts Utilities to help programmers Distribute software/information to many systems Update hundreds of machines (diff OSes, and levels) with one script Bulk actions (rename, edit, delete) of files
Project Management
Create project descriptions Track progress using MS Project or other program Create Tasks, estimate duration, assign duties Determine critical path Get buy-in from Managers, Executives, Workers, Customer, etc Manage expectations Document processes Keep everyone informed of progress or of any road blocks Keep everyone motivated and focused
Manage People
Handyman Matters - Responsible for company HR/Payroll/Job Descriptions, etc Dassault Systemes - Managed multiple teams of technical people (3 teams, total of 35 consultants) - one of the groups being a 24/7 operation Enovia - Team Lead responsible to give guidance and track projects
UNIX administration
Experience in managing UNIX systems (AIX, HPUX, Solaris, Linux): Installing the OS, configuring services (DNS, DHCP, NIS/NIS+, AFS, NFS, FTP, Samba, SSH, etc.) Installing/confuguring mail services (Postfix, Sendmail) Creating/expanding disk partitions and/or volume groups System/DB backups installing applications/middleware (Oracle, Apache HTTP, Apache Tomcat, Websphere, etc) Monitoring Maintenance (updates, patches, etc)