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Work experience

Feb 2011Apr 2011

Software Engineer Trainee

Electronics & Radar Development Establishment (LRDE), DRDO (Ministry Of Defence), Gov. Of India

Project: Implement a Cloud Computing Infrastructure in LRDE, DRDO Labs.

  • The idea leading to cloud computing paradigm is that the computing resources and software are available to the end user, whether an organization or an individual, in a virtualized environment (cloud) and the user can access it on demand and using a µpay as you go approach.
  • The project is specifically built to analyze if a cloud ERP could prove to be a suitable alternative to the traditional on-premise ERP (mission critical application).
  • The project work is ongoing and the system and integration testing is in progress.
Jun 2010Aug 2010

Software Engineer Intern

C-DAC, Centre for Development Of Advanced Computing , Chennai

Project: Compiled a GNU/LINUX Debian based Distribution.

The project is a Debian based Linux derived directly from Debian Linux 5.0

      The SUDO GNU/LINUX Distribution project development was initiated in C-DAC, Chennai and follows all software engineering project methodologies and full development life-cycle.

      Development Tasks

  • Repository Maintainance

  • Package archiving and customization

  • Kernel and Driver Configurations

  • Front-end and Themes Creation

  • Performance and Tuning

  • Security Features

  • Localized for more than ten Indian Languages

  • Testing and Certification methods

  • End-user Feedback and Enhancement

  • Future Scope and Improvements

  • Free and Redistribution Rights (GNU/GPL)

  • The OS is a fully usable and installable as any other Linux OS.

  • It can be used personally and or can be used in business enterprises.

  • More technical specifications can be found in dedicated project report.


Aug 2008May 2011

Bachelor Of Technology

KIIT College Of Engg. (affiliated to Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak)

Project: Cloud Computing Environment  (Sep-Feb 2010-11)

  • For understanding how cloud computing works and how the cost can be reduced in competitive environments.
  • Different technologies have been gathered up and then feasibility check for the minimalistic cloud infrastructure is established to implement the same at different places and in different scenarios
  • The Infrastructure is mainly a Linux and Virtualization based network environment.

Project: Compiled a Linux Distro with possible Kernel Modifications. (Jan-May 2010)

The project is completely a research project and does not offend any of the vendors licensing and copyright terms.

  • The Project named ‘LIVSPARX’ is based on combining the capabilities of LINUX operating system and Microsoft Corp. WINDOWS operating system in one OS.

  • It involves implementation of Hybrid Kernel and compilation of special Subsystem

  • It tends to support executable binaries of both the OS(s).

  • The Microsoft Corp. Windows NT & 2000 are considered base to ABI (Application Binary Interface) for system call translations.

  • Windows system-calls are been emulated to familiarize in POSIX environment using open source project such as WINE

  • Future scope would be to substitute WINE to full scale API(s), and would port the WINE API into special Subsystem.

  • The project experimentation and development is now closed due to implementation restrictions and hypothetical design proposal.

          Project: Linux Tool-chain Development         (Oct 2009-Jan 2010)

  • To increase understanding of Linux compilation process.
  • Cross Compilation technique used.
  • Virtualization Technology used in implementation(Qemu for various architecture emulation).
  • Compilation with minimal dependencies of packages kept in consideration while building tool-chain.

Project: Development of Executable Binary Encrypter (Windows)     (Sep-Oct 2009)

  • Focuses on Antivirus Evasion and data hiding mechanism.

  • Used VB 6.0 as back end and front end for GUI’s and coding of the data.

  • Facilitate good binary protection mechanism.

  • This project was specifically built to benefit the people in security research.


As a Computer Hobbyist

  • OS Development and Programming
  • OS and Kernel Internals
  • Securities and Hacking

As a leisure

  • Guitar Playing
  • Traveling
  • Spiritual Evangelism 


I hereby declare that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.


Sudhanshu Shekhar Sharma

(DOB : 01 November 1988)


Work in a stimulating environment, which provides ample opportunities to grow professionally and add values to the organization and become a highly skilled Linux System Programmer.

Technical Expertise and Skills

  • Well versed with concept of software engineering-stages & processing.

  • Near expert proficiency in operating systems internals such as Windows OS, UNIX, LINUX, MAC OS with their suitable innovations & variants.

  • Soundly versed with programming languages C, C++, Perl, Shell Scripting, JavaScript, CGI, HTML,CSS

  • Well versed with Virtualization Technologies and introductory Reverse Engineering capabilities.

  • Have good knowledge about Ethical Hacking and Network Security theories and implementation.

  • Debian Linux Bundling and Package Maintainance and Customization

  • Good clarity of Linux System Programming and Kernel Compilation & Internals.

  • Intermediate knowledge Linux Device Driver Development experience.

Other projects

Sedulity Solutions and Technologies Pvt. Ltd.:(June-July 2009)

Project: Wrote a Research Paper on SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and received

training in Information Security, Penetration Testing and Auditing.

  • Conducted by Sedulity Solutions and Technologies.

  • This research targeted security aspects and future implementation of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

  • It was done under the guidance of Mr. Anup Girdhar (CEO of Sedulity Solutions and Technologies). And

  • The paper was published in Newspaper “Cyber Times Press