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  • Design and test for EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) at PCB and system level.
  • Pre-compliance lab implementation and management.
  • Signal integrity design and simulation.
  • Digital hardware design.

Work experience

Feb 2006Present

Technical Leader I & II

CISCO, Lawrenceville (Georgia)
  • Achieved EMC compliance of dozens of set-top boxes, modems and gateways for USA and European markets.
  • Pre-compliance lab implementation and management of a 3m semi-anechoic chamber to resolve conducted and radiated emission problems per FCC-15b. This investment saves the company over $100,000 per year of recurrent external lab expenditures.
  • Implemented ESD and conductive immunity test stations per 61000-4-2 & 61000-4-6.
  • Introduced the use of simulation software (Hyperlynx from Mentor graphics) for single ended transmission lines and differential pairs.
  • Introduced DDR bus tuning at PCB level for high speed performance.
Jul 1999Feb 2006

Staff Engineer

Scientific Atlanta, Lawrenceville (Georgia)
  • Digital hardware design of several set-top boxes.
  • Participated in the migration of analog generation STB to modern digital STB.
  • Implemented design for EMC procedure that allowed passing FCC-15 b early in the design cycle. This action changed the perception in the department of emission problems from being black magic to a controlled engineering process.
  • Reduced layer count of PWBs from 6 to 4 resulting in $100Ks of cost saving in a consumer industry of millions of set-top boxes.
  • Introduced ESD testing procedure.
  • Introduced the use of 2D and 3D near field scanners to find hot spot problems at PCB and system level. This helped to specify PCB design rules to be part of a procedure.
  • Produced a test procedure for the European markets for compliance to EN55013, EN55020, EN55022, EN55024 standards.
Jun 1996Jun 1999

Hardware Team Leader

Harris (Wireless Loop), Calgary (Alberta)
  • Designed several cards for a digital base station based on i386 and PENTIUM.
  • Planned and coached the work of three electrical engineers.
  • Budgeted and equipped digital lab with $150K of equipment. Cost analysis of proprietary design versus off the shelf.
Feb 1993May 1996

Hardware Designer

Memotec Communications, Saint-Laurent (Quebec)
  • Designed and debugged telecommunication and telephony products based on Motorola 68302, 68360, 68824 and i80186.
  • Designed voice and FAX compression I/O cards based on TI DSP
  • Designed FXO, FXS and E&M telephony interfaces.
  • Coaching electrical engineer students.
  • Implemented an EMC lab and testing procedures for FCC part 15, which conducted to the hiring of a full time team involved in different approvals activities.
Jul 1988May 1992

Hardware Designer

Philips Electronics, Saint-Laurent (Quebec)
  • Design, debugging and timing analysis of several personal computer motherboards based on i286, i386 and i486
  • HML design simulation to verify chipsets using ICT on GENRAD.
Jun 1987Jun 1988

Control Engineer

Optiteck, Quebec (Quebec)
  • Implementation of electronic systems to control an automatic wood cutting machinery.
  • Designed hardware drivers for hydraulic servo-valves.
  • Programmed software drivers to control high-speed hydraulic motors and cylinders.


  • Radiated and Conducted Emission: Design for Compliance and Problem Resolution
  • Pre-compliance lab implementation and management consisting of: 3m semi-anechoic chamber, ESD and conductive immunity stations.
  • Multi Layer High Speed Digital Design PCB
  • EMC Compliance for European Market: EN55013, EN55020, EN55022, EN55024 61000-4-2, 61000-4-3, 61000-4-4, 61000-4-5, 61000-4-6, 61000-4-8, 61000-4-11
  • Familiar with Comcast's P&E test procedures.


EBG All Star Award September 2011Winner

Marthin de Beer, SVP Emerging Business Group

Excellence in Collaboration for Service Provider Video TG
Daniel has successfully led several critical, highly visible efforts in EMC over the past quarter. First and foremost was resolving late surfacing emissions issues – under highly constrained conditions - for the Deutsche Telecom MR500 Satellite/IP Hybrid STB. This involved around the clock work for several weeks, full working weekends, coordination with teams in Atlanta (Cisco), Taipei (Unihan), and Darmstatt (DT/Cisco) as well as coordinating with external emissions facilities in all 3 locations. Daniel’s work ultimately discovered the root causes of the product issues and laid out the countermeasures we implemented for resolution. The successful launch of this product was highly dependent on his tireless work. Daniel was also key to resolving a potential emissions issue on the DDR2200 modem project. Daniel’s work in identifying product improvements has been key to keeping this product on track. Both of these issues have been handled while also maintaining progress and schedule on the highly important DVS 8KG8 program.



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