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To seek employment in a creative and interesting field.

To learn and deepen my understanding of art, business and the new technology that is globalizing our world.

To be part of a team that is competitive and using state of the art hardware and software to achieve their goals.








Creative Writing

Visual Effects


  • High-energy, self-directed professional with a technical/business academic background
  • Creative problem-solver with high degree of personal initiative
  • Excellent skills in active listening, time management and analytical thinking
  • Motivated and organized as a leader, or member of a team


Z Brush
Used program to create busts, texture mapping and normal maps. Learning the tools of Z Brush 5 and using base models from 3D Max to create Hi res low poly models (mostly environment pieces).
Used program to capture real life movement and animation as data. Using the program to clean up the data and key in information that is missing for the animation. Which is then imposed onto a 3D character created specifically for the animation and rendered.
Used to keep track of product in real time, creating and allocating for marketing, R&D, importing and exporting and sale of various products created within our group. A semester long project in which our team had to watch over all aspects of the product and compete against others in the class. 
C+/ Visual Basic
Used to program simple algorithms and create simple A.I. for various projects. 
Unreal Editior
Use this program to create levels, animations, blocking and inputting asset pieces to create a scene or level. 
3ds Max/Maya
3D modeling program to create and render game art.
Microsoft Office Suite
Use the Office Suite to create blogs, pamphlets, reports, scheduling, financial data and project management activities.
Adobe Suite
Using all functions of the Adobe suite to create art, web designs and texture for 3D models



Jun 2010Sep 2010

Continuing Education Course/Certificate

Ryerson University

Created websites using Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash. Resulting in the final project being my own custom website.

Sep 2008Apr 2009

Post - Graduate

Seneca College
  • Modeled an interior in max, and imported into unreal for lighting and post processes. Did all level design and post processes for project.
  • Modelled a human character and a creature in max.
  • Created various animations based on custom rigs and biped using motion capture data in max and vicon respectively.
  • Was part of a mod project creating a walkthrough of a single level, was a game artist as well as a level designer. Did all lighting, level design, layout, importing of pieces and building geometry in the Unreal engine editor to create published map and level.
  • Worked on Maya creating modelling a bust.
Sep 2004Apr 2006

Information Technology Management

Ryerson University
  • Designed an automated harness, fully controlled by computers for workers, or window washers on high rises. Project was done in an engineering class
  • Part of a team that developed an IT solution based on a year long study of a company, its industry, and a problem and solution to achieve better business
  • Developed briefings, brochures, multimedia presentations, web pages, promotional products, technical illustrations, and computer artwork for use in products, technical manuals, literature, newsletters and slide shows
  • Created various mathematic programs using C+ to solve problems, and to create random outputs, creating simple A.I.
  • Created various GUI interfaces using visual basics, and creating simple A.I. by creating dices that give random outputs
  • Used turbo pascal, and machine code (hexidecimal) to produce different outputs and to change computer functions respectively
  • Created slide shows and presentations with Microsoft Office using videos, music, background images and various other techniques to enhance the quality of the show
  • Worked with a team to develop HR solutions and cost cutting measures using the newest tools available to provide a fictional company with business advantage.
  • Worked with a group to simulate real world buying, selling and marketing of product (t-shirts) using SAP software.
  • Worked with a group to simulate a project that would be managed from start to “go live” stage, using various tools including viso and project management skills.

Work experience

Nov 2004Present

Assistant Security Manager

Phoenix Concert Theatre

My duties include managing a group of up to 13 guys, making scheduling and positions are covered. Setup and ready the club according to the night and event. Enforcing the rules and regulation of the club and Ontario liquor license laws. Ensure the safety of of the patrons attending the event. 

Aug 2010Present

Fitness Trainer/Creative writing supervisor

Eva's Satellite

This is a youth shelter in which i provide activities to help with the youth's fitness and keep them active.

As well as part of the art team that helps develop the youth's creative aspiration through creative writing, art and design.

Feb 2011Present

Associate Client Administrator

Dynamic Funds

Process transfers and redemption on a daily basis for registered products. This includes RRSP, TFSA and province Locked in products. As well as deal with client relations and bank to dynamic transfers.  


Jun 2003Present

Smart Serve

Ontario Liquor License
Jun 2007Jun 2012

Advanced First Aid

St, John's Ambulance
Aug 2009Aug 2011

Security License

Ontario Government