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Jordan - Amman -street Mofleh alhadeed Building No. 4

تاريخ العمل

تاريخ العمل
يناير 2001 - الحالي

Greater Amman Municipality

Head of Accounting Department


اكتوبر 2000 - يونيو 2004

Bachelor of Accounting


2013 - 2013

. Prepartion of hnternal Auditing Reports In Risk Environment According To IIA

2013 - 2013

.  ICDL to lead the cycle

2009 - 2009

. cycle recent trends in the audit and financial control by using a computer (20) hour

اغسطس 2007 - سبتمبر 2007

Rehabilitation accountants to work/ year equivalent experience

يناير 2007 - ابريل 2007

cycle (JCPA) Jordanian Certified Public Accountant / practicing legal accounting in Jordan / 125 hours of training



skill preparation Altaqariralamalah

Knowledge of laws and regulations in force in Amman Municipality

highly skilled in the use of computers and the preparation of budgets and cash

skill to prepare financial plans, risk management, and address them before they occur

Ability to work management team


قسم النص

perform tasks of daily management, including development and the achievement of business balance.
attend meetings and contacts to facilitate coordination between the various sectors, including the public and private sectors.
oversee the implementation of the tasks and duties assigned to the sector finances as part of the regulations and laws in place.
Build strategic thinking and thinking about strategy anticipated needs and services within the scope of responsibility.
cope with regional and global best practices and assess the possibility of their application within the scope of work.
6 Prepare periodic financial reports and share them with the relevant authorities of the sectors and departments Secretariat in order to make decisions
leadership team work towards the implementation of specific tasks in the operation plan, according to the overall vision.
initiative giving vision and message Secretariat importance it deserves saying and act.