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Rugby League & Sports: Rugby League is my number one love. Have followed the sport since the late 80s and have been supporting the Balmain/Wests Tigers throughout the years. Anyone who knows me well would directly relate me to the mighty Black, White and Golds. I do also enjoy watching football and cricket and playing touch rugby.Podcasting: I have most recently been assisting with creating weekly Wests Tigers RoarCasts (working with Tigers supporters in Sydney via the net). I've always had an interest in Radio DJing and I've found this has brought back a passion to showcase some skills here.Gaming: I have played games since a kid and am a fan of the EA Fifa Series. Of course, I'm also proud of our very own Rugby League series.Music: I have always had a love for alternative/indie music. I also play the guitar when I get the chance to pick it up and have a strum!


Everything I have worked towards in life has simply been driven by my own passion and motivation to work in industries that I have always found fascinating growing up and I have picked up many skills along the way.

Along with sound skills working in the broadcasting industry, I have most recently branched out into project management, building professional relationships with external parties such as Weta, the NZRU, Velocity Brand Management, and various overseas publishers, but most of all, I have managed to keep up a creative drive of which is very important to me.

Initially it was an intoxicating thought to be involved in the production of NRL video games that lead me into the games industry. Because of my vast knowledge for the great game of Rugby league, I had plenty of ideas & designs in which I was given the chance to share and help develop over three release titles.

With the experiences I have gained at Sidhe, I now dream of fresh opportunities to further my Rugby League passion in the broadcasting industry. I am looking for a challenging role that allows for advancement and growth. I crave the idea of entertaining an Rugby League audience, whether it be having regular creative input in showcasing this great game to the fans, or simply being part of a team that is just as enthusiastic about Rugby league as I am.


Alan Bell

I worked under Alan when I first started at Sidhe. He has moved onto becoming site editor at

David Robles

I have known David for almost six years now, working closely together on the Rugby League Videogame Series.



I am a 33 year old father of two and currently live & work in Wellington, New Zealand.I consider myself as a 'jack of all trades' in the entertainment industry although my passion for Rugby League is driving me towards a desire to get back in the broadcasting industry.

I have proven leadership skills involving managing and motivating teams to achieve their objectives and deadlines. I am dedicated to maintaining high quality standards in everything I do. I have a creative drive and I love working in an environment where people are passionate about what they do.

Work experience

Mar 2005Present

Producer / Designer


Sidhe Interactive is New Zealand’s largest game development studio, and is an officially licensed developer for Microsoft (Xbox, Xbox 360), Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (PlayStation, PS2, PSP, PS3), and Nintendo of America (GBA, DS, Wii).

I have been at Sidhe for almost 6 years now, starting off in the Quality Assurance department, before moving up through to managing various creative teams. As Associate Producer and then Producer I managed teams in developing games for the PSP, PS2, 360 and Wii as both Associate Producer and Producer, and I was responsible for managing large scale/high dollar value projects from start to finish. I was also involved with working closely with film giants Weta Digital, co-ordinating motion captures sessions with various sports talent.

Titles I helped produce in particular were Jackass the Game  and the successful NRL Rugby League titles: Rugby League 2 & 3 and the World Cup Edition.Most recently I have been working on research & game design for with the upcoming Rugby Union release, Rugby Challenge on PS3, 360 & PC.


Games Stockist

Real Groovy

I managed Real Groovy's games department, picking up early organizational & communication skills in the process.


Camera / Graphics Operator

Saturn Television

In my second taste of the Television Industry, I started off as a camera operator covering numerous camera responsibilities but then moved into Graphics Operations in the Outdoor Broadcast field. We covered various sports such as local Rugby, Rugby League, Hockey, Softball and Football.


Transmission / Studio Camera Operator

Hawkes Bay Television

I began working in the television industry during & after a video production certificate course. I started off in transmission operations but then moved into live studio camera operating, working on HBTV's Local News & Various Talk Shows & Informercials.


Design, Research & Liaison
Design & Research: Designing the Structure of Game Components & Systems. Database Entry & Management of Game Elements. Delivering Feedback on Game Interactions via controls, User Interface etc. Maintaining appropriate design and related documentation. Identifying areas of projects that would benefit from expert information. Providing opinions related to production improvements.   Liaison: Undertaking the management of external providers for projects. Performing project planning, resource and delivery tracking in relation to deliveries by external parties. Creating, developing & refining briefs for external providers.        
Photoshop 6+
Not a prolific user of Adobe Photoshop but I have picked up various graphical skills & techniques over the years. I found this was a useful skill to have in the visual media industry.
Camera Operator
Was a Camera Operator at both HBTV & Saturn TV covering sports from Sideline to Wide Camera.   Recently assisted as camera operator helping to track motion capture actors at Weta Digital.    
After Effects CS3+
Begun learning Adobe After Effects in my own time, mainly compiling NRL Try highlights/graphics purely for my own enjoyment of the game. I have always had a fascination in Rugby league highlights graphics seen on television.    
Project Management/Producer
Resposibilities: Coordination of the whole production process of game development - planning, management and control. I had to ensure quality process improvement through communication, conflict and time management. I needed to cooperate and coordinate with the leads of all game development departments involved.   Skills Outstanding organizational, communication and negotiation skills and the ability to multi-task. Strong interpersonal skills and ability to manage and coordinate teams. Good web and technical knowledge, experience with SCRUM software. Good verbal and written language skills. Experience gained using Excel and Adobe Photoshop.



Diplomas in Graphic Design & Multimedia


Certificate in Video Production

EIT - Hawkes Bay