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Work experience

Jul 2003Sep 2005

Systems Engineer

Primary Image Ltd
Jul 2001Jul 2002

Junior Systems Engineer

Primary Image Ltd


Sep 1999May 2003

BSc (Hons) Visualisation

University of Teesside


Peer Recommendations

Emma Staite, HR, Krome Studios worked with John at Krome Studios

“John is a highly skilled, professional, thoughtful and energetic person. Whilst working together at Krome, John was promoted to the role of Lead Programmer on an unannounced project. During this time John showed great versatility by developing his management style while guiding an exceedingly experienced team of 4 programmers through a complex project, as well as completing a very significant workload. John’s approach of sharing information allows him to create effective working relationships with colleagues and will mean that he will add significant value to whichever organization is lucky enough to employ him. I am more than happy to speak with any prospective employers about my experience working with John.” January 26, 2011

Joel Crabbe, Senior Game Programmer (Melbourne), Krome Studios

“John is an accomplished Lead game programmer whom I've had the pleasure of working with for the past three years. John is relatively new to the games industry, though he has quickly proven himself to be both an excellent programmer, and a natural leader. His quick rise to lead programmer is testament to his skills and ability to hit the ground running. 

John is always positive and approachable by everyone on staff, always making himself available to all, regardless of position. His enthusiastic work ethic combined with his approachability is the reason he was sought after on multiple projects. John is definitely one of the better programmers I’ve worked with and would have no hesitation working with him again or recommending him to any employer.” December 1, 2010

Chris Glerum, Level Designer, Krome Studios

“I really enjoyed working with john on several projects. I got to work with John a lot on AI situations for a few projects and his knowledge and approachability make John a valuable asset to any games company. I do so hope to work with John again in the future as his attitude and demeanour are fantastic and when crunch time is on and you need something done John was and is always willing to step up and take on the challenge.” June 7, 2010


I am a highly skilled software developer with over 2 ½; years experience in the games industry and over 5 years experience within the visual simulation industry. I have mainly been coding in C/C++ within a Visual Studio environment and have experience of the full product development life cycle.