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Sep 2010Present

Bachelor of Education

Nipissing University

I am currently enrolled at Nipissing University in the Schulich School of Education's iTeach Laptop Learning Program. I am nearing completion of my one-year pre-service education program, through which I will have completed placement at 2 separate Ontario public schools. After the commencement of my final placement in March.2010, I will complete my registration with the Ontario College of Teachers, and be certified to teach in the public school system.

Sep 2002Jun 2006

Honours Bachelor of Arts

McMaster University

During my time at McMaster University, I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English (honours) with a secondary teachable in History. The concentration of the majority of my studies was in the area of English Literature (poetry, long and short genres, comparative literature, etc). In my fourth year, my seminar/specialist courses combined studies in Literature with Cultural Studies (popular culture, counter cultures, media, and gender studies). In my final year, I was asked to submit my research paper, "Hegemony and Power: Gender in Professional Sports" for consideration of the Humanities Essay Prize

Work experience

Feb 2011Apr 2011

Pre-Service Teacher - Grade 4 & 6

Ryerson Heights Public School

-  Pre-Service teacher on 2nd placement from Bachelor of Education Program at Nipissing University instructing two intermediate classes of 25 students; grade 4 and 6 levels

-  Responsible for creating and instructing physical education unit for fellow teacher’s grade 4 class as part of a “class-swap”, in addition to full days spent in grade 6 class. Unit spanned 6 weeks, and included skill-building, assessment and culminating activity.

-  Core responsibilties included associate teaching and lesson planning in grade 6 class. Developed and instructed full unit plans in Language Arts, Physical Education and Media Studies, with a focus upon the development of a Balanced Literacy Program. Culminating activities included Stop-motion videos for Language Arts (Novel Study) Unit, Advertisement creation for our Media Studies focus, and an organized Floor Hockey Tournament. Used varied assessment tools, such as checklists, rubrics, and anecdotals.

-  Differentiated instruction developed for 3 recognized IEP students in math and language areas, using level-appropriate worksheets, and reading and audio software such as Kerzweil, and mp3’s of texts, to assist in progress

Oct 2010Dec 2010

Pre-Service Teacher - Grade 7/8

Central Public School

-  Pre-Service teacher on placement from Bachelor of Education Program at Nipissing University instructing an intermediate class of 25 students grade 7/8 levels

-  Responsible for creating and instructing lesson plans, supplemental and culminating activities, as a part of original mini-units in the subject areas of English, History, Science and Math to meet expectations of the Ontario Curriculum

-  Lesson plans and activities created and implemented with the assistance of various technological resources such as: LCD projection, SMARTboards and SMART Software, Powerpoint, Internet Explorer, iTunes, and various PC and MAC supported programs.

-  Differentiated instruction based upon individual grade level and curriculum expectations in specific subjects (taught History to Grade 7’s, Math to whole class), as well as various recognized IEP’s in both grades.

-  Created, and evaluated class through various forms of assessment, including anecdotal notes, checklists, rubrics, and tests, for cumulative grades in specific strands completed

Dec 2008Dec 2009

ESL English Instructor

Hanvit Learning Academy

- Instructor at a private English academy in South Korea. Responsible for the daily instruction of approximately 120 students ranging in ages from 9-16.

- Subjects taught included reading, writing, listening and speaking at a variety of capabilities. Focused specifically upon the development of pronunciation, fluency, grammar, punctuation and comprehension. The curriculum was based upon developing fundamental English skills, which students would use towards admission to an English speaking college or university.

- The majority of the instruction was based upon lessons and materials I created daily to engage the students with the English language.These included worksheets, projects, songs, plays, workbooks, journals, and more. Here, differentiated learning took place in each class, based on the students’ skill levels.

- My duties outside of class teaching included, but were not limited to; daily entering and evaluating of homework, preparation of class materials and lesson plans, creating and implementing supplemental activities and resources, editing institutional texts and materials, selecting level-appropriate curricula, student counseling, and performance evaluation.
Sep 2009Dec 2009

English Camp Instructor

Independent Center of American Studies

- Employed as a part time English Camp Instructor for a class of 15 English Language Learners (ELL) at the elementary level ranging from the ages of 7-12.

- Utilized core materials such as textbooks, literature and audio to create a fun, interactive camp curriculum which stressed engagement with the language, and making learning English exciting, interesting and relevant to their lives.

- I worked to maximize involvement with the language by using both school and original resources to create activities involving English cross-curricularly in lessons involving drama, math, science, history, art, media and daily physical activity.

- Activities were organized both in and out of the regular classroom structure, and included songs, dances, games, group activities, performances, artwork, to name a few.

- I differentiated the instruction for each student in the class based on their individual learning needs and styles. Strategies I used included increased visual representations of the language, one-on-one instruction, specific guided questioning, etc


My name is David Bartlett, and I write this with the intention of presenting my qualifications for a position within the field of education. I hope, through this brief overview of my skills, experiences and efforts, you may recognize my desire to ultimately obtain a position as a professional educator.

Most recently, I am a graduate of Nipissing University's Schulich School of Education: iTeach Laptop Learning Program. During my Bachelor of Education, I completed courses that addressed, and prepared me for, an extensive variety of educational practice at the Junior/Intermediate level, including: educational methods, law, curriculum study, special education, education management and technology. As well, Nipissing’s iTeach Laptop Program gave me the opportunity to integrate a wide range of educational technology into all aspects of my preparation, organization and application of class material and lessons. The technology-based program is unlike any of its kind in Canada, and has provided me with countless opportunities and resources as an educator going forward.

In the future, I hope to obtain my ABQ qualifications for the Intermediate/Senior division, so that I may extend my professional development to include the high school level, and make myself available to teach my area of specialty, “English”, if the opportunity presents itself. As well, I am currently enrolled in the Special Education-Level 1 AQ course with Nipissing University, through which I hope to work towards developing a working understanding of assisting students with special needs. Further, my future plans include completing my Masters in Cultural Studies, through McMaster University, when and if my professional schedule permits.

My experiences in teaching, both recent and past, have contributed greatly to my philosophy and ability as an instructor. My first six-week placement was with a grade 7/8 class in Brantford, where I learned a great deal about the need to differentiate my instruction to meet the needs of all students, and how to be creative in my planning, when resources may be minimal. My second placement, also in Brantford, gave me the opportunity to instruct a grade 4 and 6 class. Here, I took on a full time teaching role, created and implemented a balanced literacy program, and realized the benefit of shaping the curricula to the interests of students. Previous to my B.Ed, I spent a year teaching ESL to students in South Korea, focusing on reading, writing, listening and conversation skills. Here, I learned the value of flexibility and creativity in the classroom, and the importance of implementing language arts cross-curricularly.

My personal philosophy of teaching will consider the classroom a democratic environment, born out of consensus and mutual respect. My classes will recognize and celebrate one another culturally, academically and emotionally as individuals, who reach conclusions through regular collaboration. I plan to always differentiate my instruction based on my student’s abilities, funds of knowledge and emotional identities. Finally, I intend to create as many opportunities as possible for learning to take place kinesthetically, to give students control, and help them become active participants in their own learning.

Based on my education, teaching experiences, relative skills and professional development, I believe I would be a strong candidate for a role as a qualified educator. Moreover, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to prove myself.

Thank you in advance for your consideration,

David Bartlett

Volunteer Experience

Oct 2010 - Current                  Nipissing University Education Club         Nipissing, Ontario

Vice President

·  Act as Vice President of Nipissing’s Education Club, an independent organization functioning to provide information, support and assistance through various events for the 700-800 concurrent and consecutive education (B.Ed) students attending Nipissing’s North Bay campus

·  The NUEC executive and its volunteers plan, advertise, and carry out a number academic events, peer information sessions, and social gatherings each year, for the purpose of sharing information and experiences about teaching, extending social circles, and offering opportunities for support within the education program

·  As Vice President, my duties include attending all executive meetings, casting votes on club mandates, handling basic club finances, administering the club’s Facebook page, posting club events, and being actively involved and present at all NUEC events.

·  This year, we have successfully held our 2nd “Chalk Talk” information session, attedned “Club Daze”, have planned a fundraising ”Scholastic “ Book Fair, and are planning an end of the year social event.

March 2010 - Current              Footprints Recruiting Canada                          Worldwide

Online Teacher Mentor

·  Requested by Footprints Recruiting Canada to be an International Mentor to new teachers travelling to teach in South Korea

·  As a Mentor, responsible for answering inquiries from new teachers prior to, or shortly after, arriving in the country about issues such as teaching, contracts, schools, language, food, travel, culture and many more. I was also responsible for being a mentor to multiple teachers at one time.

·  Expected to provide accurate and timely responses to online/email inquiries about concerns and issues and be available 24/7 for response, based on time differences. Internationally, I was considered a cultural “expert”, and locally, I was considered an “emergency contact”.

·  In addition to referencing all of the experience I had gained to best answer teacher’s inquiries, I conducted an extensive amount of research about various elements of Korean culture and teaching, in order that I could mentor incoming and arrived teachers to the best of my ability.

March 2006 - Current              Brantford Bisons Football Club               Brantford, Ontario

Football Coach

·  Seasonally supervise and instruct groups of approximately 40-50 boys age 13-18, from peewee to Varsity levels.

·  Responsible for organizing and implementing weekly training sessions and practices focused on individual and team physical conditioning, skill acquisition and overall development in the sport. This included personal safety, and respect for one another. and the sport itself.

·  Hold roles as both a Defensive Coordinator and an Assistant Coach, which require me to collaborate with my coaching staff to hold and attend meetings, organize information sessions, communicate with parents and league personnel, ensure player inclusion and overall safety on and off the field

·  Additional duties include handling travel arrangements, calling team plays, selecting captains, devising and implementing team strategy, and creating and participating in team-building exercises

Commitment to Student Learning

Leadership-Learning Communities

Professional Knowledge

Professional Practice

Ongoing Professional Learning


Professional Development

Infusion Conference                                     Jan.2011                         Nipissing University 

-  This was a single-day conference held at Nipissing University, and made available to pre-service and educational professionals in the community. It’s focus was the presentation and implementation of different forms of technology in the classroom

-  Presentations I attended included: Using Tablets in the Classroom (iPod Touch, iPad, etc), Effective use of Multimedia (Smartboards, Digital Cameras, etc), and Virtual Podcasting and International Teaching                    

Coaching in Ontario Schools             Jan. 2011                       Nipissing University

-  This was a single-day training session held at Nipissing University by trained and certified members of OFSAA, and made available to pre-service teachers in the Bachelor of Education Program

-  The 3 hour presentation focused upon the roles, responsibilities, ethics and guidelines governing coaches in Ontario schools

-  The presentation included both theoretical information, and group activities, to demonstrate the appropriate coaching methods, philosophies and rights, of coaches in Ontario schools

Imagination/Creativity Conference        Nov.2010                         Nipissing University

-  This conference, held over a 2 day period at Nipissing University, was made available to pre-service and educational professionals, and focused on a variety of innovative ways of bringing imagination and creativity into the classroom. It included a keynote speech from internationally-recognized author and OISE Faculty of Education Professor David Booth

-  Presentations I attended included: Teaching Outside of the Classroom (Travelling with Students), Technology in the Classroom: Making IT  Work (Camcorders, Smart Software, iWeb, etc), and Imaginative Methods (kinesthetic lessons, active learning, reflective processes)


Computer and Technical


Jan 2005Present

OFSAA Level 1 Coaching Certification

Oct 2005Present

Smart Serve Certification

Smart Serve Canada
Sep 2010Present

ESL Online Teaching Mentor

Footprints Canada
Jan 2011Present

CIOS Coaching Certification (Coaching in Ontario Schools)