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Michelle Buckley

         'Courage & commitment to lead'

Personal profile

As a teacher I constantly look for new and innovative teaching
methods that challenge and excite students yet allow for all children
to succeed and enjoy education. E-learning plays a role in my
classroom. True integration of technology allows for children to be
creative and express their understanding through a variety of media.
As a leader I believe that I am able to make a difference to students
by increasing the quality of teaching. In order to achieve this, it is
critical to build relational trust and value each team member by
building on and valuing individual strengths.


Marina View School

2012 - 2016

Marina View School
Teaching levels: Years 7-8, 2012 – current

Team Leader Year 7 and 8 
- 8 teachers
- leading support staff
- teacher in charge of Technology
- teacher in charge of year 7 and 8 Production 
- teacher in charge of student leaders: planned and taken leaders to Wellington and Paihia over the last two years.
- teacher in charge of AIMS sports teams. 2014 Netball, 2015: Football
- teacher in charge of Netball and Basketball (2013, 2014)
- encouraging teachers to develop as emerging leaders
-- developed the professional expertise of each team member in order to have a positive impact on student learning
- collecting, collating, analysing, interpreting and tracking the data for my team using the school Student Management System
- organised camp at Totara Springs and was responsible for the planning, organising and running of the week. This also involved liaising with parents, maintaining the welfare of the children
- involved in the recruitment process of my team
- conducting appraisal interviews with each team member, using the PAC tool

Board of Trustees Rep 2016

- mentored a Provisionally Register Teacher 2013 / 2014

Literacy Leader 2015
- facilitating powerful professional learning communities
- implemented  change in writing
- working collaboratively with outside experts 

Leadership Team

- implementing LInc Ed  throughout Marina View School  (online reporting, appraisal system, roll returns to the Ministry of Education and all associated Management features)
- constructed a writing matrix and student targets that have been implemented school wide to assess the needs of our students
- ensuring consistencies between teams in terms of assessment
- setting curriculum goals and then resourcing strategically while maintaining a designated budget.
- developing and implementing the school’s vision
- supporting the achievement of the strategic goals
- ensuring there is clear and effective communication between the leadership team and my syndicate
- review leadership structure to bring in line with the school vision

- planned and implemented students being able to bring their own devices to support their learning
- use iPads and laptops in a variety of ways within my classroom programme in order to enhance the learning for students
- integrating a range of other ICT tools into my programme
- using google docs within classroom programme
- use online systems as a tool when conducting appraisal in terms of collecting evidence, achievement and reflection

Successful classroom practitioner
- run Student Led Conferences 
- build and maintain a positive partnership between home and school through constant class email communication
- post learning goals, on-going reflection and upload evidence on-line that supports the achievement of student goals
- personalise learning so that students can learn in their own way at their own pace.

Collaborative teaching
- Planned and implemented  Marina View Schools first modern learning environment, year 7 and 8.
- Researched in depth co-teaching
- sharing the planning, instruction and evaluating of student learning.

Rangeview Intermediate 2001 - 2003
 - Teacher in charge of Education Outside of The Classroom
- Physical Education teacher 2004
- Teacher in charge of Netball

St Stephens Junior School, Twickenham, London 2004-2005
- Year 4 / 5 teacher

Rangeview Intermediate 2005 - 2008
- Team Leader - Year 8 syndicate.
- 4 teachers
- Leading support staff

2009 - 2012
- Relief teaching while off having children
- Schools I relieved at: Rangeview Intermediate, Marina View School, Tirimoana Primary School,  Mt Roskill Intermediate.


1998 - 2001
Otago University
Bachelor of Teaching



U Learn


Inquiry into purposeful and powerful assessment


APPA Senior Leadership Conference


ACEL National Conference Sydney
Courage and Commitment to Lead

Practice Analysis Conversations - Martin Turner
PD on the research of the PAC tool, and implementing this form of practice analysis across year 7 and 8.

Learning Network: How to Lead Technology In Schools

Learning Network: BYOD

Visited Waitakari and Waimari School in Christchurch, to view co-teaching and modern learning environments

Professional Learning Group: researched in depth co-teaching

WAPA Leadership Day

2014 / 2015
Mathematics professional development: Lucie Cheeseman
Two years of Maths PD: teaching Maths through problem solving

Christchurch conference

Sheena Cameron  - Reading strategies


'"Thank you Michelle, our official production director. You have been instrumental in making this production the huge success that it was. We would like to thank you for all your organisation, direction and leadership this term. Your really are an inspirational leader', we love you." 
Team Buckley term 3 2015 (Marina View School)

"I cannot speak highly enough of her personal and professional qualities. She is able to establish excellent relationships with children, Her planning, and preparation  and the execution of her teaching is of the highest order" 
Mr EA Jameson (ex principal Rangeview Intermediate)

"Michelle's classroom management skills are of the highest standard. The children under her care are always motivated and on task, which allows them to make excellent progress. This is partly due to her good level of discipline with kindness, humour and care."
Elizabeth Stubbs (head teacher St Stephen's CE Junior School, England)

"Michelle has been teaching my son this year and the communication between home and school has been fantastic. Michelle has brought out the obsolute best in Ryan - both academically and as a person. I cannot say enough positive thing about Michelle and her methods. If Rangeview has all teachers of this standard and enthusiasm - oh what a marvellous school it would be."
Tanya Harlick (parent)

"Michelle has proved to be a very capable, committed and deticated teacher, who is popular with colleagues, pupils and parents. At the end of each term we receive assignment reports from schools and in all cases, her reports can only be described as outstanding."
International Teachers Network (relief teaching agency London)

"Michelle's relationship with all the other staff and parents is excellent. She is a great team member, All the staff and parents feel she is an asset to our school and when she leaves all the whole school community will miss her."
Elizabeth Stubbs  (head teacher St Stephen's CE Junior School, England)

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Cara Bergin Stuart
Deputy Pricipal
Marina View School
Ph: 021 179 0200

Jill Dyet
Deputy Pricipal
Marina View School
Ph: 021 508 945