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In short, I'm motivated and smart. I aim to make a difference in everything that I do, and I work hard to that effect.

For my credentials, please read below. What's written in between the lines is that I worked at first full time, and then, part time while finishing my Bachelors in Commerce. I will be graduating with distinction in Spring 2011. The jobs that I have held in the interim have provided me with valuable experience in different domains including customer service, marketing, accounting and administration. Like everyone else, I have had moments where I loved my jobs and moments when not so much. Despite it all, I left each company in great terms, and always with the scope of moving forward, learning something new and bettering myself.

In this period, a big personal accomplishment was buying a revenue property with my brother. I also launched myself into self-employment, in a domain that I not only had little previous experience with, but of which I was scared: bookkeeping. I learned a great deal and I am grateful for being so fortunate as to have this experience.

That being said, I'd like to position myself differently now, pursuing a path in marketing- a domain I am thrilled to be embarking on.


My goal is to always grow and out-do myself as an individual. I am interested in doing work that matters and making a difference.

Work experience

Jan 2009Present


Self- Employed

In order to focus and finish my studies, I launched myself in bookkeeping. This activity had allowed to me organize my time such that I could satisfy my client's needs while fulfilling scholastic demands.

With the help of my mother, Valeriea Iancu, I learned the bookkeeping process as well as the manipulation of different accounting software such as QuickBooks (TM) and SimplyAccounting (TM).

This job not only required a great deal of autonomy and great organization but also an understanding of accounting principles and how they are applied to the different industries. The deadlines related to the submission of company documents to the government (such as GST/PST forms, Financial Statements and T2) have required tight planning and completion of work. Attention to detail is without a doubt, a primordial skill for this task.

Having worked with a variety of companies has provided to be invaluable knowledge and experience with different domains.

Jun 2006Jan 2009

Administrative Assistant

Canadian Institute of Cosmetic Surgery

At the Canadian Institute of Cosmetic Surgery I had the opportunity of acquiring a lot of on-hand experience with every aspect of running the cosmetic clinic. As such, I acquired administrative and marketing skills, as well as some management and accounting skills.

Some of the tasks I was responsible for included conducting marketing campaigns, seeking best alternatives for advertising, acting as the liaison person and negotiating campaign offerings. As a part of my marketing responsibilities, I also organized promotional mailing campaigns that included a newsletter.

Amalgamating and analyzing statistics as well as typing, editing, revising and translating different documents (courses, medical articles, office forms, etc) were a part of my responsibilities. I also created a variety of "protocols" detailing how different tasks and responsibilities around the office were to be done from a technical standpoint.

The doctor gave an yearly course at McGill which I was in charge of coordinating. This included everything from typing and printing the documents necessary to organizing the time and date with the representative at McGill University.

My job also required receptionist skills such as greeting patients, booking appointments, answering the phone and providing cosmetic surgery consulting.

I had the opportunity of handling the accounts payable which required making the payments to suppliers as well as entering this data in an accounting software.

I had some experience with order management as well, insofar as I had organize the production and delivery of custom-made creams. The different components (the containers, labels and actual creams) were each managed by different companies that had to be synchronized for the delivery of the final product.

Finally, I was able to experience some managerial duties by being responsible to provide and oversee a co-worker's work. Though I was responsible for the output, I was able to provide her with the different tasks and ensure the quality of her work. I was also responsible for teaching her how to perform her duties.

Many of these responsibilities required an important attention to detail, as well as an obvious fluency in written and spoken French and in English. Dealing with ordering and marketing also required an aptitude to clearly define the company's needs and to negotiate.

Sep 2004Jun 2007

Administrative Assistant

Tiny Tots

Working at Tiny Tots meant getting used to an extremely fast-paced environment. Multitasking and a sense of organization were thus of extreme importance. Since no major hierarchical structure existed, autonomy was also intrinsic. Finally, since the job required dealing with several doctors, as well as parents of ill children, a lot of patience and tact were needed to perform the tasks.

The hard tasks performed in this job included administration of the reception office, training and coaching new staff, handling patient appointments and greeting customers, filing, managing several voicemail systems as well as coordinating income test results.

Sep 2002Sep 2004

Service at Main Bar and Box Office

Cinemas Guzzo


Sep 2006Dec 2010


John Molson School of Business