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Quik Trip

Quik Trips number one priority is customer service. Making yourself available at

all times to it’s dedicated customers is mandatory when working for the QT

corporation. It is required to finish the DAW during each shift, while be able to

keep the store stocked, cleaned, and customer friendly.


Sales Associate

Wal-Mart Supercenter

As a sale associate in the Toy department patience was a required character trait

the I had to utilize at all times. Putting the customer first, and making sure each

individual walked out of the store satisfied was my top priority. I kept the toy

department clean, zoned, and stocked at all times of the day so the next

associate coming in wouldn’t have to finish a task I didn’t complete. I offered my

assistance in the surrounding departments such as Electronics and Sporting

Goods when they became busy. I watched for stealing, and picked up any stolen

merchandise and put it in the claims bucked with a properly filled out claims

ticket each day. When the front end started to get busy, I was called to the front

to open another register to help give each customer a fast friendly checkout.



Wal-Mart Supercenter

Working in customer service required a positive attitude every day to reassure

the quality of customer service at Wal­Mart. As a cashier I greeted each

customer that entered my check­out line and offered extra assistance before they

left. I devoted myself to giving each customer an equally fast check out

experience so individually they would enjoy coming to Wal­Mart. Towards the

end of each of my shifts, I took time out to offer a helping hand to other

employee’s that started to get busy. I would bag the customers purchases so it

would be one less thing another associate had to do. When I worked a night

shift, I would take each department return and put them in their correct position

on each shelf. I wiped down the belt at my register take out the trash to make it

clean for the next cashier using that register.


Jan 2009Jan 2012

High School Diploma

Union High School


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