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I  enjoy  reading  Christian books , books about  history ,  biographies and  newspapers.  I  am also  an avid  cycler  and swimmer and am into  fitness.    I also  enjoy  helping  people and volunteering.  I  actively  volunteer  in my church and have also volunteered  for  candidates in  civic  , provincial and federal elections. 


My  Career objective is to find employment in an  area  in which  I  can empower people  to feel  more confident about themselves and to find  fulfillment in their  daily lives.  I have a  variety of  areas within the  Government ,  Non  Profit ,  Relgious (  Christian  Ministry) and Social Services which  I  feel would allow  me to do so.  I  have  3  key  areas in which I  feel  I  am able  to excel and  provide quality  service.  My  first  area is the listening and support  area in which  I am able  to practice effective  listen  and  to convey  support  and concern  to  people.    The second  area  I excel in is the  research  and  product  development in which I am able to brainstorm  solutions to problems and  to  research methods and data to acheive set  goals.  My  final  area of  strength is  the creativity  side of  things in which  I can find  unique  ways to  convey  messages  and  to  promote  an organization.

Work experience

Nov 2010Dec 2010

Kettle Worker

Salvation Army

.I  promoted the  work and mission of the  Salvation  Army  in  Winnipeg by interacting  with patrons at    the  Superstore  on  Gateway  Avenue.  I  set  up and disamantled my  Kettle  station and checked  the supplies contacting the office when they were low.  I  educated the public about the programs and services of the  Salvation  Arm  as I  interacted with them.  I also handled  requests  for  tax receipts and  handed out thank you  items such as  calanders,  candy  and stickers.  I  contacted my supervisor  and arranged for another collection  Kettle when mine was filled to overflowing part way through one of my later shifts.

Nov 2009Dec 2009

Kettle Worker

Salvation Army Prarie Division

I  promoted the  work and mission of the  Salvation  Army in  Winnipeg by interacting with  patrons  at  various  Kettle    stations across  Winnipeg.  I set up  and  dismantled  the  stations  and checked supplies  , contacting the  office  when they were  low.  I educated the public about the  programs and  services of the  Salvation  Army  , conciving them to make  a contribution.  I  handed out thank you  items such as  calanders,  candy  and stickers.  I  spoke with  a  mall  patron and  arranged with my  supervisor  for  a  collection  container to be set up in the food  court of  Winnipeg  Square.  I  emptied out  the  container at the  end of my  shift  so it  could be counted and deposited  into the  Salvation  Army's  account  at  Winnipeg  Square.  On a  few occasions I emptied the container mid  way through my shift  and collection  even more funds.

Jan 2008Jan 2008

Information Officer

Elections Canada

 I  was responsible for  directing  people  to the right  poll .  To  do so I  look at  voter cards and showed  voters  where to vote.  I  also  provided information  to scrutineers  for  each of  the  candidates.  I    collected  the  record of the vote at various intervals  and  showed this information to  scrutineers who had  the  proper  forms .  I  set up  and  tore down the polling station.  I also  responded to  inquries  from the  public.

Jan 2007Jul 2007

Workshop Faciltiator

Canadian Council on Rehabiltation and Work

As a  Workshop  Faciltiator  I  prepared  a  workshop  presentation with  a powerpoint  presentation, interactive  activities such as role plays and  handouts with resources.  The workshop addressed the opportunities avaliable  for youth  ( persons 16-30),in the skilled trade  sector  who  had  a  disability.  My  primary duty was to  go  through a  100 page  workshop manual  and to  prepare  a workshop.  A  secondary  duty  was  to  research disability  organizations  and other assorted information which  was  compiled into  a national webpage.  I  was also responsible  for the promotion of  these free  workshops  and  so I  created  a  press  release,  poster and  email  release to market these workshops. The  press release  was sent to  media outlets  (  Tv, radio and newspapers ) which featured public  service announcements.  I  also  developed  a  list of  over 100 community  organizations that  worked with youth  and persons with disabilites when  the school system  was unavaliable due to a  time conflict.    A  fourth  duty  was  the  conducting  or facilation of  workshops to  the  various  groups in  Winnipeg.    A fifth duty  was  preparing  a questionaire  for feedback and noting  comments  made.  My final duty  was  to  preform  adminstrative duties as required and to prepare  an evaluation of my work at the end of  my term.

Jan 2005Dec 2005

Community Acess Program Youth Intern

Manitoba E Association

As  a  Community  Access  Youth Intern for the  Manitoba  E  Association ,  I  worked 2 terms  January to March  2005 and  September to  December  2005.  In  my first term  I worked with clients at  2  locations  and helped them with their computer skills.    The first set of  clients which I worked with 60% of the time were seniors at the  Good  Neighbour  Seniors  Centre..  In this  capacity  I introduced them to an adaptive  software package called  Web  4 - All  which consisted of  a program called  Opera  which made  print appear large,  an  E Reader which  read out text  on the  web  and in email ,  an  Program  reader which  read out text  in  Microsoft Office  Documents  and  an adaptive mouse called a Kensington  ,mouse which  allowed persons with  limited hand movement to  access  a computer.  I  also conducted  computer training  sessions in which I  taught  basic computer skills and introduced  seniors to the  Internet.  The  second  set of clients I  worked with  were participants  at the  Elmwood  Community  Resource Centre.    Here I  conducted  the same  computer training sessions and assisted  persons using the computer.  Another duty  I  had  was to help  youth  with  basic job  searching  and resume  composition skills.  In addition I also researched and compiled  manuals of resources  for  newcomers to  Canada,  persons with disabilities ,  seniors and  youth.

In my  second term I  was  station entirely  at the  Elmwood  Community  Resource Centre.    Here I  helped  clients in  accessing  and utlizing  the  public  access  computers.  I also  assisted the  program managers in  the  program.    I helped  youth search for  work via the internet ,  develop  cover letters  and  resumes.  I also  taught them about calling cards and assisted them in creating their own unique  ones.  In addition to this  I worked with other youth  across  Canada  who  were  Community  Access    Program  Youth Interns in finding  resources and program ideas through a  chat  function and  common  community  board avaliable through our  program.

Nov 2004Dec 2004

Mall Cleaner

Marquise Facilities

As a  Mall  Cleaner I was responsible  for cleaning  St. Vital  Shopping Centre  over the  Christmas  season. This  was  a temporary sessonal position and I  worked  flexible hours.  One of the tasks I  preformed  was  clearing tables in the food court and emptying the trash  there. I  also washed  the windows in the front enterance  of the mall.  Another duty  i  preformed  was that of cleaning the washrooms.  My  main duty was to  go throughout the mall pushing  a cleaning  cart.    As  I did  I picked up  debris  throughout the mall , swept and mopped the mall floors and  vacumed the  carpets.

May 2002Jun 2002

Spiritual Care Student

Seven Oaks Hospital

As part  of my  training  to become  a chaplain or spirtiual care provider, I completed  a  ministry  work experience program  course.  My main duty as a  Spirtual  Care  Student  was  to provide  support and  care to residents on  the  Geriatric  and  Pansu  wards.  In this capacity  I visited  with  residents  and through active listening  conveyed  care and concern. I also  provide  prayer  and other helps such as Biblical  counsel.  In addition to these duties  I also  job shadowed a unit  clerk  and learned more about the function of  a  chaplain by  observing  a chaplain in her work.  A  third compoment of my  duties was  that of  learning and  reflection. This consisted of  composing verbatims in which I  recorded  and evaluated my interactions with  particular  residents in order to improve my  skills in providing  spiritual care. I also  read and prepared reports concerning  theortical and  academic  perspectives to  spiritual care.    A final  component of my duties  was  leading  and preparing  2 chapel  services.

May 2001Jul 2001

Chaplain Student

Salvation Army Booth Centre

To  complete  my  undergraduate  degree  from  the  Canadian Mennonite University  I  did  a  chaplaincy  student  internship with the  Salvation  Army's  Community and  Residential  Services  Centre  , known as the Booth  Centre.  My main duty  as a  Chaplaincy  Intern  was  to provide  support and  care  to male residents in the  housing  area of the  centre.  I interacted with  senior men and men who were in transition as they  looked to move into half  way houses and find  work as part  of their  completion of the  Anchorage  program. The Anchorage  program is  a  joint program between  Corrections  Canad and the  Salvation  Army in which inmates  go through an addiction and detox  process  and  then recieve counselling and  job training.  In doing so I  provided care and support  and  also  provided prayer and  Biblical  counsel.  In addition to this  I  conducted  2 chapel services and prepared verbatim  reports.  I also  job shadowed professionals within Booth  centre.  I also attended and participated in  the  Community  Venture program for persons with disabilities  and  job shadowed  a  hospital chaplain at  Grace Hospital.

Jun 1999Aug 1999

Student Assistant

McBeth House Centre

As a  Student  Assistant  I was responsible for looking  after  Mc Beth  House  Centre which is  a    drop in  centre  for seniors.  I  arranged bookings of the centre by  care homes and hospitals and collected fees from  groups visiting the house . I assisted  groups using the  centre  as needed.  I also preformed  cleaning duties such as dusting and vacuming  the centre  and washing dishes.    I also gave tours of the  centre and  explained its history  as a  Selkirk  Settlers  home that was  donated  to the city  as a seniors drop in centre. 


May 2005Dec 2005

Career and Employment Coach Certificate

University of Winnipeg Continuing Education
Sep 2001Apr 2003

Masters of Divinity

University of Winnipeg

I  completed  42 out of  96  credit hours  towards  a  Masters of  Divinity  accredited through the  University of  Winnipeg's    Theological  Consortium.  These courses gave me  a  foundation and  part  of the training needed to become  a  hospital chaplain and provide  care and spiritual support  to  ill  persons  in  a  Christian context.  I  took  courses which  discussed ethics , history  , the  Bible and provide  practical skills  such  as  teaching  and communication (  preaching)  and  methods of  providing care  ( pastoral care).

Sep 1998Jul 2001

Bachelor of Arts Pastoral Ministry

Canadian Mennonite University

I  completed  the  Bachelor of  Pastoral  Ministry from the  Canadian Mennonite University  which gave me the training  and skils necessary  to  do the  work of  a pastor  or clergy  person.  I  gained  a  variety  of  skills  as I  completed  a  practical  work  experience course within a  local congregation as well as a 3 month internship.  For my internship  I  worked with the  Salvation  Army  Community  and  Residential  Services  Centre ( Booth  Centre).



Through my training for the ministry  I have learned about the  human person and how  to care and support  people.  I am able  through effective listening  to determine  a  person's  problem and to guide them through a question method in which they  come up with solutions to deal with their  challenge.  Through my training  as an  Employment  Counsellor  I am able to guide  clients in the process of  identifying and  preparing to find a  career.  I  can assist them in identifying the abilities , experiences and skills in which to  build their resumes ,  cover letters and calling cards around.
Computer Use
I am  familar with  Microsoft  Office  and various computer programs.  I  am  skilled in using  Word and can  work with  spreadsheets.  I  am skilled at using the Internet  for  research and  knowlegable of  email programs.  I  am able to learn new programs  effectively and  to  troubleshoot using  program help  functions.  I can develop  Power Point  presentations.
Verbal Communication
Through the spoken word  I am able to express ideas  and  to argue a specific  viewpoint  or thesis.  I have learned about  various styles  of speaking  through my  educational  and work experiences and through particpating in  Toastmasters  while  doing my  graduate studies.
Communication Written
I am  able to communicate effectively in the  written word  to convey  thoughts and ideas and  to argue  a specific  point or thesis.  Through my  work and education experiences  I have learned various forms of written work and can effectively  write a wide variety  of  generes and types.  I am able to do  both creative and non fiction writing  and business and  informal writing. 
Problem Solving
I am able  to look at a  problem and determine  the steps need  to deal with and solve the problem.  In my work  as  a  Workshop  Facilator for the  CCRW,  I encountered  a scheduling  problem due to  a  policy issue.    As it took additonal time  for my  supevisor  in  Toronto  to approve the content of my workshop , I was  unable to present  it  to  students.    Thus I came up with the idea  of  researching  organizations that worked with youth or  persons with disabilties.    Thus I  compiled  a listing of  over 100  community organizations and their  contact information.
Research and planning
Through my education and training for  the ministry and for  employment  counselling , I have  developed excellent  research  and planning skiils. I am able to  develop  a schedule  in order to meet objectives in my work and  to find the necessary information to  do  so.  For example  in volunteering with  the  Welcome  Place  as  an educational preparation assistant  I  assisted  the  educational coordinator in coming up with educational aids.  I  found  pictures on the internet  to represent  vocabulary  such as up  and down,    emotions  such as  happy and sad  and others.    In my work with the  Manitoba  E  Association ,  I assisted the  director of  the  Elmwood  Community  Resource  by researching and compliing  manuals of  community information.  I  copied and organized material  from several web pages in  order  to  develop a manual for newcomers to  Winnipeg with information about local services  such as  doctors  and other commmunity  resources.
Interpersonal Communication
Through my education and training  for ministry  work  and  as an Employment  Counselor  I have  developed the ability  to relate  effectively  with people.  In my work experience I have  developed the ability  to  interact  with  clients and put them  at ease.  This allows me to ask  questions in order to  determine their  abilities , interests and skills and  to help them relate them to  a  career.  In doing  so I am able to help them  plan their path to finding work by  developing  job  search  tools.


Oct 2008Nov 2008

Non Violent Crisis Intervention

Lord Selkirk School Division Continuing Education Department
Sep 2004Nov 2004

Customer Service Representative Skills Development

Built Network
May 2004Jun 2004

Tourism Essientials

Manitoba Tourism Education Coucil
May 2004May 2004


Manitoba Tourism Education Council