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Computer Repair
I made a hobby of purchasing broken or damaged laptops off of craigslist for really cheap and fixing them to sell for profit. My favorites are laptops with broken screens that I can easily purchase the parts for and replace them easily as well. I repaired my friend's computer from spilled apple juice by taking out the hard drive, DVD Writer, and other more sensitive components and then rinsing the motherboard with water and letting it dry. works perfect now and I got all of her data back as well.
I am currently teaching myself to program as well as taking an Advanced Programming course at my high school. I have most of my experience in the Java language and am now learning Visual Basic in my Advanced Programming course. I am also teaching myself C++ on the side for fun and as a project. I aspire to create a simple game at some point, but academics don't leave me with much time to study very intensely.
Upright and Electric Bass
I have played the bass for 5 years, since 6th grade. Before that I played the cello in 4th and 5th grade. I studied with a private teacher for 4 of the years I've played bass. I have played in numerous advanced extra curricular orchestras, including All-Suburban for 2 years. I thoroughly enjoy the upright bass and think my experience with it shows great dedication and perseverance always trying to improve and hone my skills. I also play the electric bass on the side for fun. I like to challenge myself with extremely technical pieces of music involving complex time signatures and rhythms. I like to be able to study a song I like for many weeks or months to make it perfect and just like the actual band plays it. My most recent project has been a song from the Swedish Technical Progressive Metal band Meshuggah that utilizes intense polyrhythms. I believe challenging yourself is one of the best ways to improve and often take on challenges simply to see if I can do them.
Computer Hardware
I am a computer enthusiast. I study computer hardware in my free time and even built my personal computer. I understand in depth computer components and how they work. I understand specifics in component designs and how to get the most out of a machine. I stay up to date on all new and upcoming hardware from major manufacturers and can design a high functioning computer on a budget. I have half of my A+ Certification and aspire to obtain the full certification in a few months when I get time to study. This is my best skill and pride myself in my tech-saviness.

Work experience

Aug 2011Nov 2013

Leaf It To Us

Leaf It To Us

This was my friend's father's lawn service. I would also help him on jobs for a little extra spending money to put towards my technological interests like my phone or new computer parts. We would go to the client's house and pile all the leaves using industrial leaf blowers, then he had a trailer and a machine that would suck up the leaves, crush them, and put them in the trailer. It was fun, I like working.


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West Potomac High School
Aug 2010Jan 2013

Lindbergh High School

This is the high school that I have studied at for most of my high school career. Only recently have I transferred to West Potomac because my father got a job with the military. I was enrolled in all honors courses available to me and studied programming and took an A+ Certification class on the side. I made all A's and B's in my classes and had a 3.78 GPA before I transferred.