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Work experience

Apr 2011Dec 2011

Solutions Engineer I


Night shift responsibility for a 10k sq. ft. data center. I do everything from custodial work to port testing. It's not as much IT as I'd like and my lack of visibility may be a limitation in the future.

Apr 2008Apr 2011

Enterprise Technical Support Sr. Analyst

Dell Services

Perot Systems became Dell Services.

Systems Support Administrator became Network Analyst became Enterprise Technical Support Sr. Analyst.

My primary function is adding network devices to monitoring. My secondary function is filling in for whomever calls in sick or goes on vacation - no matter what their function is. I am the only completely cross-trained analyst in the U.S.

Sep 2007Apr 2008

Knowledge Management Content Specialist

Perot Systems

I was originally hired and trained as a helpdesk agent. I was pulled out of training to help with projects that the trainers were working on. One project just lead to another so they made a place for me to work on things like debugging spreadsheets (Excel), building databases (MS Access, MySQL), writing KB articles (Healthcare IS), and migrating data in and out of wikis and other formats. It was fun while it lasted. It was so much fun, that we even worked on it after hours (Project Limelight). I think I worked myself out a job, though. I was "benched" and picked up by the C3 group as a SysAdmin (see next position)


Jan 2002Jun 2006


CSU - Monterey Bay



OK. I also occasionally work with computer applications. There've been too many to mention, but here's a few that stand out to me:    Front Page - Developed website for Monterey Co Dept of Planning and Building Inspection LiveLink - Administrated an intranet site for an Application Service Provider VMWare - Demonstrated use in replacing physical drives for software testing for DMDC

Oral Communication
Oral communication is not part of my primary job fuction and, except for a teaching stint immediately after graduation, it never has been. I've worked on several service desks and have good phone skills. I can manage a presentation and I don't read the content of my slides to the audience.   But I consider myself a good presenter and I'm told that I'm quite entertaining.   I would also add that a critical part of crafting effective communication is to listen to everyone around you and learn how to reach them.
I used to say that I owned more math books than anyone not professionally involved in math education or research. But, then I taught HS Algebra for a year right after graduation and so, technically, I'm an ex-math professional, now. I still enjoy crunching numbers, writing Excel formulas, and building reports.
I write well. I've written articles for newspapers, reviews for web content, blogs, scientific papers, How-tos for knowledgebases, presentations of technical content, lesson plans, and project proposals. My 4.5 on the GRE is rather pedestrian but I enjoy and appreciate the challenge of being able to communicate effectively.
I've completed a degree. I have my papers. But, I'm completely self-taught on a variety of subjects that I can mentor - Linux, Virtualization, guitar, graminology, history, math, science, religion. I consider research to be a vital skill. Everything you could want to know is probably out there somewhere. It pays to know how to find it. It's also very entertaining.   I'm not trying to be vague. It's just more important to me to know how to learn an application than to list every application that I happen to have already stumbled across. There's nothing more cost-effective than knowing how to figure something out without having to be walked through a training class. The contributions that a fast-learner can make to productivity, innovation, and competitiveness should also not be understated.
Problem Solving
Some say, "Don't come to me with problems; come to me with solutions." Well, come to me with problems. A problem is a personal challenge to bring all my resources to bear on a chance to make the world a better place. Problems are exciting because something is about to change. The solution may become a new tool. The solution may require further problem solving.   I look for problems. I point them out. I lead the assault on solving them. Analytically, step-by-step, I know how to isolate an issue and then research and develop a solution.  If these aren't vital skills in your business, you're probably not going to find much value in me.


Salvaging and rebuilding computer resources for public or non-profit use

Biology  in extreme environments such as deserts, deep ocean and other planets

Botany - especially grasses and invasive species

Teaching science

Travelling in Baja







I should state here what I've done, but I don't necessarily have to (or want to) do what I'm doing now.

I am an IT PROFESSIONAL with areas of emphasis in Content Management, Linux, and virtualization.

I have a B.S. in Earth Systems Science & Policy from CSU - Monterey Bay. It was a lot of chemistry, biology, and a little physics and genetics. My capstone project analyzed biotech lab activities for application to CA state teaching standards. GRE 680/730

I'm multi-talented and adaptable. I perform best when challenged. If there's nothing special or unusual about your job req, you probably don't need me.

Preference is also given to work that benefits other human beings.


Mar 1998Present


Jan 2000Present


Oct 2000Present

Clarify Support

Apr 2003Present

GPS Mapping with TerraSync

Apr 2003Present

Learning ArcGIS I

Aug 2001Present


Jul 2003May 2005

Consortium Research Fellows Program

Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area