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Work experience

Jan 2004Jun 2004

Temporary Primary School Teacher

S.J.K. (C) San Min 2


Honors and Awards

  • Chinese Government Scholarship, 2007-2010.


  • A textual research on Yijing, 2010.
  • A study on Anonymous Issues of Yuan Sanqu, 2010.
  • A study on Anonymous Issues of Yuan Sanqu, 2009.
  • A study on Multi-culturalism Issues of Malaysian Chinese Literature, 2008.
  • "Luomu Xiao Wubian", 2007.

Academic Experience

  • During the study period in University of Malaya, I was interested in subjects about ancient Chinese literature such as literary history, poems of Tang Dynasty, song-poems of Song Dynasty, etc. I also learn about history, culture and economic of China, Japan and South Korea through minored in East Asian Studies.
  • In the final year of undergraduate, I had completed my final thesis, "A Study on Multi-culturalism in Malaysian Chinese Literature", under the guidance of Seng Yan Chuang (PhD). After finished the thesis, I have issued it on "Chinese Studies Conference Inter-College" that mainly organized by New Era College Chinese Language & Literature Department. It was also collected and published in academic journal, edited by Department of Chinese Studies, University of Malaya.
  • During the study in China, I had a deeper understanding about various song-poems of Tang until Qing Dynasties. Besides that, I also interested in classics reading such as Book of Changes(Yijing), Book of Songs(Shijing), Chuci, Zhuangzi, etc.
  • Meanwhile, I started my master's research "A Study on Anonymous Sanqu of Yuan Dynasty", under the guidance of Professor Wang Longlin. I had professional academic training, especially meticulous inspection in literature and textual compilation. I read and analyzed a lot of academic journals and firsthand materials. Finally, Professor Wang appreciated my research findings and helped to publish two papers in China's academic journals.
  • Besides that, I also issued a paper in International Conference on "The Reception and Dissemination of Chinese Literature", jointly organized by Department of Chinese Studies, University of Malaya and College of Chinese Language & Literature, Wuhan University. The paper was collected and published.
  • During the summer holiday of 2009, I also participated in the project "A Study on Extension & Relocation of Chinese Primary Schools in Malaysia", which was in charge by the lecturer of Department of Chinese Studies, University of Malaya. In this project, I had to do some fieldworks, write interview reports and finish a research paper.

Extra-curricular Activities

  • I interested in literary writings. During the study period in secondary school, I often participated in Chinese writing competition. I won prizes and articles had been published in school magazine.
  • When the final year in University of Malaya, I edited a literary collection and published by Department of Chinese Studies, which collected 5 essays and 5 poems of my writings.
  • Moreover, I also won many awards, such as the essay competition organized by the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, etc.
  • During the study period in secondary school, I often participated in Chinese Language Society and organized various activities.
  • I also learned calligraphy and won some awards in competitions.
  • During the study period in University of Malaya, I learnt to interview and edit monthly bulletin as a head of Group of Student Journalists, Chinese Language Society.
  • I also organized various activities of Department of Chinese Studies as a General Affair of Students Association, such as "Literary Fortnight", "Orientation of Department", conferences, etc.
  • I also in charged for sound and multimedia presentation work when some literary speeches were organized by lecturers.


My hobbies are reading, travelling, listening music, watching political or economic news, etc.

I am interested in sector of finance, education and counselling.



Malaysia Higher School Certificate (STPM)

Malaysian Examinations Council

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)

Ministry of Education Malaysia