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Hello, This is Nurettin Gulen. I borned in Alanya, Antalya in 1988 and am marine transportation management engineer. 

Work History

Nov 2013Present

Operations Team Leader

HM Uluslararası Proje Tasimaciligi A.S. (HM Global Projects)

* Finding the suitable equipment as to cargoes.
* Working on and submiting the best rates to customers.
* Arranging all the export and import operations step by step for haulage, seaway and airway.
*Reading letter of credit and issuing shipping instruction as to letter of credit. Additionally, if request, I explain the letter of credit to shipper or cnee for telling which documents are needs.
* Organizing either pre-carriage or on-carriage in time according to shipper's / cnee's requests.

* Requesting booking and entering necessary details of shipments via their systems of carriers and inttra.
* Preparing or checking the necessary documents in order to complete the shipments smootly.

*Talking or writing with our foreign agents in order to organize our shipments smootly.

*Tracking all the shipments and giving the report to our customers.

*Preparing the invoices. 

*Entering all the details of the shipments to our system. 

*Checking the invoices which are sent by our suppliers.

*Controlling due payments as to report from finance department, calling the customers and giving the report about payment days to finance department every week.

*Collecting the charges from shipping lines, co-loaders, inland or international haulage transportation companies, airway companies..etc. After obtaining all the required charges for transportation, the charges are  calculated and transportation type is chosen as to best option and decision of customer. 

*Preparing the offers to our customers and taking feedbacks from our customer about the offers.

Sep 2012Mar 2013

Documentation Responsible

Alanya Yacht

* Preparing or checking the document whose name is Transit Log and if necessary, showing transit log with necessary documents to harbour master, maritime police and customs in order to enter / exit the yachts from/to Alanya Marina.
* Giving the report about the yachts' processes month to month to Alanya Marina.
* Assisting to sell the yachts and giving informations about the yatchs to interested people.

Aug 2011Jul 2012

Volunteer of European Voluntary Service

National MS Center Melsbroek

*Helping people with MS to use computers in Cybercafe and writing their mails on behalf of them.
*Talking people with MS, understanding the reasons of their problems and reassuring them.
*Learing French which is one of Belgium national languages.
*Recognizing Belgium culture and lifestyle.
*Meeting other volunteers of European Voluntary Service in Belgium, joining workshops in groups and preparing a poster which explains my taks as volunteer.


Sep 2006Jul 2011

Bachelor's Degree

Istanbul University

Marine Transportation and Management Engineering 

Sep 2002Jun 2006

High School Graduate

Ayse Melehat Erkin Anatolian High School
Sep 1994Jun 2002

Elementary School Graduate

Barbaros Azakoglu Elementary School


Aug 2011Jul 2012


European Voluntary Service

This certificate explains  what I did in Belgium.



When I have any free days or my working company is on vacation, I immediately make a plan with my wife and visit some places. For example, I had a motorbike till it was stolen. With my motorbike, I and my wife rode nearly 3000 KMs within one week. We saw almost all the south-west part of Turkey and did not stay in any city more than one night. 

Additionally, I have been some countries in Europe (Beligum, France, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Holland )