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Hope for the Future

Future Career

Hi! My name is Molika Nuon, I'm looking for a career that have to do with animal. I like to find a job that have veterinary and something that I could work in a hospital. I'm stay in high school but I would like a part time job if  possible. I had gotten a Leo Award in my high school. Also, I have been in a  project in the agriculture on a pig. I make about $230 on the project. This shown that I really responsible preson.

May 2011Present

Hope for the Future

Future Career


May 2011May 2011

Westminster High School

Westminster High School


Speck 2 language
I speak Combodia and English; I willing to learn if necessary. I love to work with animal and work with other people. I like to travel around the world; traveling to new place and learn new thing is my favorite thing to do. I could pick up on language easy. I love to travel and learn new culture.


To get a part time job over the summer.


.Agriculture career

.hospital career


.doctor job