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Nuno is an educated, informed and competent  Manager, who as a long track record of delivering the right products, in the right quantities, to the right location an at the right time. With a career developed in the areas of Transport / Operations / Logistics, experience in the development of working methods, team management, strategic planning, national and international fleet management, customer prospecting, reverse logistics, supply chain, import, export and transport, working in large companies.

Experience in training and coordinating teams, building processes, Implementation of working methods, Time scale control, planning and implementation of projects aimed to promote internal improvements, defining action plans and promoting growth in the operational quality of the processes.

Service skills with suppliers and customers, the negotiation and approval, compliance with the budget, managing contracts, maintenance, fleet, freight, fuel, spare parts, leasing, documents, projects and distribution center.

Work History

Feb 2017Present

Project Manager

LBH Mozambique

Project Cargo

Abnormal Transportation

Heavy lift 

Jul 2016 Feb 2017

Project Manager

GTE - Gruas e Transportes Especiais Lda

Project Cargo

Abnormal Transportation

Heavy lift 

Business Process management

Dec 2010Jun 2016

Logistics & Transport Manager

Mundeurozur Lda

Management of the área of transportation and Billings, negotiation of freight(revenue, costs, profit), and delivery times.

Planning, controle and evaluation of physical, financial and material resources.


Information management.

Invoicing Efficiency.

Own all operational procedures, Provide continuous leadership, supervision.

Specializes in Bulk transport & Líquid Fertilizers management.

May 2006Nov 2010

Operations Manager

Geralworks, Serviços de Logística Lda.

Planning and controle of industrial operations.(Customers: SAPEC Terminais portuários, S.A), (Customers: CUF  Adubos de Portugal S.A.)

Operations support to load/unload cargo vessels.

Machines fleet management.

Demand management, handling, storage and logistics of product.

Management of the logistics operation and the level of services.

Jan 2003Apr 2006

Fleet service  Coordinator

Catarrinho & Donga, Soc. Transportes Lda.

Truck & Forklifter fleet service coordinator.

Prioritize and schedule fleet repairs.

Determine and communicate the repairs needed for company fleet in order to maintain the company fleet for maximum equipment life and minimal downtime.


Logistics Management

Achieving efficiences and driving costs down.

Managing and supporting new business implementations and project rollouts.

Continually focused on driving down expenditure.

Knowledge of national and internacional import/export legislation.

Identifying safety compliance issues.

Comprehensive knowledge of logistics procedures and processes.

Eliminating obsolete and off-spec machinery, and reducing aging equipment.


Turning every challenge into an advantage.

Delivering change within a fast paced healthcare environmental.

Analysing business data and drawing logical conclusions.

Keeping abreast of developments in Logistics & SCM.

Confidente in his ability to make the right decisions.

Ensuring that all levels of serviço are at a very high standard.


Capable of resolving differences without conflict.

Can communicate effectively with colleagues and people in the business.

Constantly striving for continuous improvement.


Develop agility, adaptability, innovation, collaboration, communication, openness to change, and other higher-order criticam thinking skills, allways to achive a better leadership.


Jan 2016June 2016

Heavy lift learning program 

LASO Special Transport company

Wind power transport

Transformer transportation - Transport modes and their specifics - road 

Planning and Execution

Feb 2016Present

Master in Logistics Management and supply chain

Universidade Camilo José Cela
May 2003Dec 2003

Certificate of professional competence (CPC)

Câmara de comércio e indústria Portuguesa

Road transportation

Sep 1997Oct 2002

Mechanical engineering (Bachelor)

Escola Superior de Tecnologia do Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal

Personal details

Date of birth: 20/10/1977

Nationality: Portuguese

Passport No: M838668

Marital status: Divorced with 3 children

Driving License: Code 14 (Heavy Duty)

Boat License: Engine<175 KW; Lenght<13,7m

Health: Excellent

Hobbies: Ski, Kitesurf, Stand-up paddle, Sail, Golf, Jogging