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About Me

I am a fresh graduate from Pancasakti University with GPA 3.36 of 4 in English Education Department. I have experience in teaching for three months in MKK 7 Tegal. I am someone who possess great motivation and willingness to learn something new.


Jan 2015Apr 2015

I used to teach in SDN Mangkukusuman (MKK) 7 for three months. I went out from MKK 7 because I cannot manage the time and I have a big pressure to finish my study as soon as possible. In spite of that, I had fun with the students, others teachers, the principal, and every elements in that school.


Sep 2011Sep 2015

Pancasakti University

I was a student of English Education Department in Pancasakti University Tegal. My GPA is 3.36 of 4. I have no major problems in studying English, furthermore I have a willingness to learn about English and imrpove my skill.



I do love reading, yet I do not read everything. I read something that interests me, but I can understand pretty good in reading English text.


My listening skill is moderate.


It is good but I think it is not good enough, that is why I still trying to improve it. 


I do not think my speaking skill is very good, but I think it is enough.