A highly organised, committed to excellence and 6 years leadership experiences in various student and voluntary organisations with outstanding national business competitions achievements , above average academic results (GPA 3.54) and keen interest to develop professional career in finance industry .


Aug 2011 - Jan 2015

Bachelor's degree

School of Business and Management, Institut Teknologi Bandung (SBM -ITB)

GPA 3.54. General Business Management.

Final Thesis: Financial Performance Analysis of PT Biofarma (Persero) Compare to National, Other Developing Countries, and Global Leading Pharmaceutical Companies by Using Most Common Financial Ratios, Indonesia BUMN Financial Scoring and Moody's Global Pharmaceutical Rating.

Final Thesis was presented to Biofarma Board of Directors.

Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2014 - Feb 2015

Secretary General

Komune Rakapare


Indonesian Youth Non-Profit Organisation which focuses on 3 key movements; solving grass root problems and conflicts, acting as conflict and disaster response team and empowering Indonesian Youth.

My role as Secretary General primarily are:
1. Developing detailed strategy and action plans to meet the organisation's goals and the Chair vision. 2. Managing all the resources (time, money and 200 volunteers) to achieve organisation strategy and objectives. 3. Developing organisation systems and operating procedures while regularly evaluating and updating it to ensure effectivity and efficiency. 4. Routinely check the progress of each tasks to assure it always meet the task objectives.

May 2014 - Feb 2015

Head of Financial Controller

Keluarga Mahasiswa Institut Teknologi Bandung (KMITB) (ITB Student Union)


Reform organitazion's financial systems by remaking Standard Operational Procedure, establishing Standardized Financial Reporting based on Non-Profit Organization Financial Reporting National Standard (PSAK 45), initiating Internal Audit division and seeking more cash inflow by investing in Capital Market and by creating Business Development division.

Jun 2013 - May 2014


Keluarga Mahasiswa Sekolah Bisnis dan Manajemen ITB (KMSBM ITB) (SBM ITB Student Union)


Coordinating 120 committees to create 60 events and projects based on 600 student's interest and Indonesia's Tri Dharma University values which are educating, researching and social impact. Some of the successful projects are conducting National Entrepreneurship Seminar by CEOs, motivators and entrepreneurs, Bandung Mini Soccer Championship for the orphanage, free weekly business and management workshop for ITB and Bandung college students, and helping other ITB students to develop their businesses.

Sep 2012 - Jun 2013

Operation Director

MAYDAY! Market

Responsible for all operation matters which are transportation, accommodation, logistics, and production things for the event. MAYDAY! Market is a three day exhibition that purposes to spread and promote businesses which being made by ITB students and alumni in the famous mall Paris Van Java Bandung.

Sep 2011 - Mar 2013

External Partnership and Human Resource

Satoe Indonesia


Establishing and maintaining relationship with government, companies and other NGOs, seeking sponsorship for funding projects and empowering volunteers by conducting team building , performance appraisal and direct approach to stay actively participated in the organization.



Indonesia Representative

Power Shifter - Malaysia International Youth Movement
One of 60 Representative for International Climate Change Youth Movement in Malaysia. Representatives were selected from ASEAN, Pakistan, India, Egypt, and Sudan.

National Finalist

HSBC Business Case Competition
8th International HSBC Business Case competition. Reach Big 5 National finalist from around 150 group participants from all Indonesia universities.

National Semifinalist

L'oreal Brandstorm
One of the prestigious international marketing competition for college students. Reach Big 6 semifinalist from around 120 group participants all across Indonesia universities.

3rd National Champion

MBA ITB National Entrepreneur Competition (EntrepreuneurStar)
Competing with other 100+ group participants across Indonesia undergraduate and graduate students to make business plan, prototype and present it to the jury. 

English skill

IELTS Academic - Overall Band 7.5

Reading 8.5 . Listening 8.5 . Writing 6.0 . Speaking 7.0

(October 12th 2014)




I always pushed myself to be in leader role as I believe "Leader is not born, Leader is made". My leadership role started as Vice Chairman in Junior High School student union, Chariman in High School student union, President in faculty student union and currently become Secretary General in volunteer organisation.                  

Microsoft Office

I could handle Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint with excellent skills.

Project Management

My previous and current leader roles are majorly managing many projects at the same time to achieve project goals and ensure it meets the organisation's goals. This has proven me to be multitasking, responsible and versatile person.

Team Management

My organisations experiences in either student or other volunteer organisation has given me valuable teamwork experiences and learnings. I am experienced to handle teams from small to large one to achieve organisation's goals.


As a leader in various organisations, I experienced in developing strategy to meet organisation's goals. I also often read strategy books such as "Leading Change" by John P. Kotter and have affiliate membership in Strategic Management Forum My goals in 2039 as Bandung city mayor and 2049 Indonesia Finance Minister require me to shape my strategy skills as it is essential to develop the nation in effective and efficient way.


Not only learning marketing subjects in college but also applicate it in the largest Indonesia marketing business case competition, L'oreal Brandstorm and became National Semifinalist (Big 6) from more than 150 teams across Indonesia.

Public Speaking & Communication

Most of the time from Junior High School to College time I always became the one who delivered the presentation in class or any other projects. Furthermore, I often delivered training and motivation presentation in my college times such as giving Basic Management subjects to 100 ITB non business student and "How to Organise Organisation Money" to 60 ITB student.                                                            

Financial Analysis

My final thesis was in financial analysis and received the highest rating (A). I also took "Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) Preperation" course in SBM ITB in 2014.