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Work experience

Oct 2014Present

Sr. vArchitect


Pre-Sales technical consultant and Global Team Lead overseeing a larger portion of the System Integrators partnering with VCE to bring re-sell or internally hosted solutions.  This include solutions around Hybrid, Private and Public Clouds.

Oct 2010Oct 2014

Sr. vArchitect


Technical and Global Team lead for all technical consultants assigned to the CSC account.  Have helped in the enabling of the CSC BizCloud and CloudCompute product from CSC from its infancy up to the leading enterprise cloud provider solution that exists today.   Responsibilities range from technical architecture of CSC's BizCloud/CloudCompute architecture to technical consultant on method of approach as well as overall account management.

2008Oct 2010

System Architect

Verizon and MCI
IT Storage & Strategy Architect

Analysis and assessment of current and future storage and strategy direction in order to construct a go-to strategy for future deployment of storage technology, process direction in order to facility cost savings, increase utilization while enhancing operations and increasing services.

Analysis of business requirements in order to formulate a sound technology direction that adheres to Verizon Telcom standards but applies them in a way that best utilizes technology, resources, processes, true requirements and financing for Verizon Business infrastructure.

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Jan 2003Jan 2008

Sr. Manager OPS Architecture and Strategy


Creation and maintenance of first infrastructure organization at MCI. Controlled budgets of over $60M the  last two years and managed over 25 personnel.  Realized $20m/year Cost Savings due to Utility/Shared Computing.

  • Appointed to create first ever MCI Enterprise Architecture organization across all major data center  sites emphasizing on Utility Computing and Shared Services.
  • Created the MCI utility information services framework, including web / database and application farms.

Manager OpenVMS and Application


Manager over the telemarketing infrastructure organization.  Directed all aspects of procurement, architecture and maintenance of OpenVMS hardware and applications that reside in the infrastructure. 

  • Formulated and executed plan for consolidating IT infrastructures of 15 MCI call centers into six.

Sys Admin, 2nd/3rd Level Support

  • Lead Analyst OpenVMS, 1998 to 2000.  System administrator for OpenVMS / Alpha Hardware utilization across the country as the mainstream platform for MCI telemarketing.
  • Help Desk, 1996 to 1998, Helpdesk responsibilities for the MCI call center in Phoenix, AZ.  Handled and resolved assorted issues relating to OpenVMS, Intel and Telco maintenance.


Communication and Presentation
Successful at communicating technical, strategic goals from C-level audiences to non-technical audiences without losing context.  Have presented to upper management ranging from director-level to president level in order to secure funding, goals and continued support projects.  Presentation {Excel, Powerpoint, Word, MindManager, etc...} skills have been a great part of this success and continue to be sharpened as the environment evolves towards richer content and presentation media.
Team Builder
Successful track record of taking over or creating organizations with existing personnel.  Utilizing inherited human resources to their maximum potential or hiring correct personnel to fill in strategic gaps.  Organizations managed have been built around communications, process and an unified shared goals that matches individual goals with company/organization goals.    
Strategic Management
Brought MCI out of a silo infrastructure environment to that of a SOA based shared services environment.  Saw that the need to re-tool most processes requesting infrastructure in order to stream-line storage/compute requirements with year savings exceeding $20m   Requirement Gathering/Assessment and Analysis Re-Engineering Process Creation and Re-Engineering Technology Roadmap Creation Complete and True Capacity Planning Creation Handled Budget in Excess of $60m/Year
Infrastructure Architecture
    Architected environments ranging from Microsoft-Centric environments to large scale Unix environment running on OpenVMS, Tru64, Linux and Solaris.  Experience in, but not limited to:   Intel {x86} Architecture Unix Architecture Storage Architecture Virtualization {vPar, Containers, VMWare}   Major Vendors: IBM, Dell, HP, EMC, VMWare, SUN


Work Synopsis 2003-2008

Communication Style


Capitalizing on a successful Fortune 500 background with Verizon and MCI and VCE, I am currently searching for new and equally challenging opportunities in a pre-sales technical lead role.

My knowledge and experience equate to a range of significant responsibilities as in IT Operations, IT Infrastructure Management/Vision and successful Pre-Sales Role. My work includes infrastructure design and development, systems and database architecture, enterprise management, IT strategy and large scale integrations as it relates to internal IT and from a vendor perspective in a sales/pre-sales role. Among my many achievements is being appointed to the first ever enterprise architecture organization at MCI, and being put in charge of all major data centers’ strategic infrastructure direction and process to request and fulfill that demand.I am a natural leader and team builder, with an ability to manage and motivate personnel to new levels of productivity.


Pioneering career using cutting edge technology and employing “hands-on” IT and infrastructure / architecture expertise.  Emerged as a leader from data center operations in a regional telecommunication’s facility, to Sr. Manager over a team that established an IT infrastructure organization focused on true requirements and long/short term cost saving solutions without sacrificing process innovation and/or a strategic long/short term plans.

Global Skills/Experience


Infrastructure Architecture / Process Reengineering / Systems Integration / Enterprise Management / Strategy Definition and Execution / Crisis Management / Productivity Improvement / Shared Utility & Cloud Computing

Major Achievements

  • Appointed to first ever MCI Enterprise Architecture organization and put in charge of all major Data Center's Requirements for new Infrastructure
  • Created MCI Utility Information Services Framework, including web/database/application farms
  • Formulated and executed a plan to consolidate 15 MCI call centers into 6

Appointed to create first ever MCI Enterprise Architecture organization in charge of all major Data Centers.  MCI merged with WorldCom which had incorporated over 30 companies with separate networks and infrastructures into one loosely managed global IT organization.  This created the need for a global enterprise architecture organization that would act as a filtering device for new IT infrastructure acquisitions.  Played key role in building new processes, SLAs, infrastructures, and reducing servers from 33,000 to 13,000.  Completed all tasks within time and budget guidelines, and achieved all enterprise objectives.Created the MCI utility information services framework, including web / database and application farms.  New processes put in place by the MCI enterprise organization led to the need for an Utility Computing-type of services approach to infrastructure, rather than the silo request for resources used in the past.  Implemented the processes and mechanisms needed and saved over $20M/year in the last 3 years. Savings were achieved from software / hardware procurement avoidance, decommissioning of older gear, and creating optimum resource utilization across the enterprise. Formulated and executed plan, successfully consolidating the IT infrastructure of 15 MCI call centers into six.  While Manager of the Open VMS team, charged with finding new methods to reduce costs.  At the time, MCI had 15 telemarketing call centers across the country.  Conceived plan to collapse all 15 sites’ infrastructures into six sites without losing any productivity.  Achieved objective in 18 months, ahead of schedule and budget guidelines.  Created substantial savings across entire MCI organization.

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