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Wayne Sturman's focus in venture capital is centered around new developments in energy technology. Among the various technologies are hydrogen fuel cells, wind turbines, and photovoltaic technologies. Wayne Sturman states that the most important aspect of alternative energy is to reduce our reliance on foreign oil, and reduction of greenhouse gas, especially carbon dioxide. Wayne Sturman also notes that the alternative energy sector will continue to grow with a renewed focus from venture capital and government subsidies. Wayne Sturman noted that there is no single technology that will take over. It will involve a number of different technologies that will be successful and that are applicable to different power needs and uses.

The alternative energy industry produces a variety of unique power-saving solutions, but Wayne Sturman feels the most lucrative will be the combined heat and power system using fuel cells for residences. This form of distributed generation runs on natural gas, with a steam reforming process extracting hydrogen from the gas, which then feeds a fuel cell. Wayne Sturman notes that the system uses natural gas much more efficiently than combustion systems.

Wayne Sturman believes that government intervention in early stages of alternative energy funding and development is as important as venture capital support for these projects. Wayne Sturman believes that this support could come in the form of tax credits or grants to various alternative energy strategies. This government participation helps to reduce costs associated with developing disruptive technologies. The European and Japanese governments seem to be making tremendous progress furthering the above technological shift.

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