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Work experience

Mar 2011Present

Executive Director

Zone Zero: Collaboration for Green Schools

Zone Zero: Collaboration for Green Schools provides comprehensive environmental education program design and professional project management services to schools and businesses.

  • Green Visioning
  • Program Development and Application
  • Environmental Education
  • Resource Conservation
  • Project Management
  • Curriculum Design and Development
  • Teacher Training
  • Permaculture Consulting
Sep 2008Jun 2011


Manyrivers Collective

Manyrivers Collective: Intelligent Design Through Conscious Living

In this capacity I provided professional Permaculture design services for homeowners and businesses in

Santa Cruz County. Consultation and design of features like rainwater harvesting, greywater systems

and conservation applications. Additionally offering dynamic Environmental education classes for children and adults.

Jan 1997Jun 2010

Charter Teacher

SLVUSD Charter School

At age 27 I created one of the first dynamic environmental science and nature based Charter schools for Kindergarten through 6th grade studentscalled Fall Creek School in the winter of 1997. This program was run under the umbrella Charter 25 of the San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District.

All aspects of program design, curriculum development and delivery were my sole responsibility.

I kept accurate monthly and annual client records for 30 families, meeting clients weekly to collect, review and file paperwork submissions that were required.

I worked closely with the larger Charter staff of 15 to create and maintain the vision of the Charter School while implementing district wide policies passed down from Sacramento and Washington D.C.

I hired my own teachers and managed my administrative staff.

Additionally, I created and taught the first permaculture classes in the district; teaching rainwater harvest design at the high school level. A fully functioning catchment system was designed and built by students under my tutelage.

I developed flexibility, resiliency and a great capacity for bringing vision into form while working under extreme bureaucratic pressure.

I found the situation to be unique in that it was intimate and independent while being part of the larger public institution. I was proud to serve here for such a long time.

Jun 1994Jul 2008


Walk Through the Watershed

Since 1994 I have created and run summer day camps and docent lead walks for the children, families and visitors of the San Lorenzo Valley and greater Santa Cruz County.

From the headwaters at the summit to the mouth of the river on Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, I have shared the magic of the redwood forest ecosystem through local history, art, literature and hands on science. Specific adaptations of micro-climates within the watershed reveal the precious nature of this unique system.

Some of these walks have been through volunteering with the State Parks, some for the Valley Women's Club and most were independent camps that I designed and ran privately.

Camps for children were offered in the summers of: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006, and 2007.

Jan 1990Oct 1992

Development Director

Community Housing Developers, Inc.

As Development Director for this up and coming nonprofit during the infamous San Jose redevelopment years, I was responsible for securing $500,000 in grants and matching funds to complete two low income housing projects. Additionally, I created and maintained promotional materials and press communications for CHD.


Jan 1998Present

Citizen Water Quality Monitor

Monterey Bay Salmon and Trout Education

I received my citizen water quality monitoring certification and have been incubating and releasing Steelhead in Santa Cruz waters for 12 years. I have exposed hundred of children to the salmonid lifecycle and the magic of life in the San Lorenzo River. I consider this training and community service to be seminary to my work.

Jul 1998Present

Leadership Certification

Adopt A Watershed

This week long leadership course focused on creating leadership skills and team organization strategies that would advance environmental education on a school wide level. I worked with other educators from my bioregion to coordinate creative and inspiring education opportunities such as coordinated Salmon release days, watershed walks and summer programs.

I implemented these ideas and lessons in the San Lorenzo Valley Charter School,creating coursework and training other staff members from my school from 2000 onward.

Sep 2009Jun 2010

Marzano Group

This academic year long training consisted of several all day intensive workshops which supported on-site working group meetings, personal and school wide initiatives and projects that resulted in the redesign of our entire operational and delivery model in preparation for Charter renewal in 2011.

Jan 2006Mar 2007

Permaculture Design

13 Moon Permaculture Design Course

I completed a 13 month comprehensive Permaculture Design Course and received my certification.

My design project was the full scale conversion of a local community school in Boulder Creek called

South Street Center.

Sep 1993Jun 1995

BCLAD/ Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

National University
Sep 1990Jun 1993

B.A. Environmental Education

San Jose State University


Curriculum Development
At Fall Creek School I design and development of individualized curriculum for 30 students per year, as well as all lessons for the group within the classroom. My forte is designing hands-on outdoor education experiences, working within the community and natural world to engage students.  Since 2010 I have worked as a private education and curriculum consultant and recently completed an innovative curriculum for DRIVE ( . I was responsible for writing 6 hours of classroom curriculum, which included a Parent Seminar. I was also responsible for designing and planning the coursework to work in concert with their simulator based and on-line curriculum. I worked closely with the owner of the company for 6 months and trained their teachers. I continue to develop my content and execution skills, and I am eager to explore web based content sharing through tools like personal computing applications.
Being able to articulate material in a way that is appropriate for the audience is a specialized skill that I possess. From my roots in teaching and outdoor environmental education, I have honed my ability to be flexible and responsive to any audience. Throughout my career I have enjoyed moving children, high schoolers and adults through complex concepts and processes: from learning to draw designs "to scale" to analysis of global water issues, I enjoy the challenge of finding the right tools and presentations to achieve maximum relevancy and comprehension. I am able to organize lessons within time frames, set and meet objectives, and am proficient at communicating results to governing bodies. I truly enjoy teaching whether it be to an auditorium full of people or on a trail with children.  
Permaculture Design
After completing my Permaculture certification in 2008 I began a private consulting business specializing in water catchment design and this was my primary application of the theory. I have since completed many on site assessments for homeowners and schools in the Santa Cruz area. In addition, I have created and taught Permaculture design as well as water policy, at the high school level. I keep current on the latest laws and policies that affect resource use and design in California and beyond and find the tools and techniques inherent in permaculture design applicable to all aspects of project management through Zone Zero's work.
Community Building
I have lived and worked within Santa Cruz County for 20 years. I maintain cross generational connections with families and organizations throughout Santa Cruz County. I have a deeply seeded desire to create and maintain a thriving community here for my children and everyone's children. Whether voluteering for the parks, Monterey Bay Salmon and Trout Education, or organizing a water catchment project for the garden at my son's school, I am happiest when I am connecting people with worthwhile activities and partnerships. Within the scope of Zone Zero: Collaboration for Green Schools I will realize the expansion of my sphere of influence on the greater community.  
Teachers are naturally looked to as leaders and I feel very comfortable in this role. Creating and maintaining a school was invaluable in terms of skill acquisition: poise, tact, grace under pressure, timing, discernment, and trust in my intuition have all been honed. Both the  Adopt-A-Watershed and Marzano Group leadership trainings were key to my developing my skills in this crucial area. I have been a leader in my community for 20 years serving both the environment and the people of Santa Cruz County. A long time volunteer of the Valley Women's Club Environmental Committee I worked in the 1990's to develop comprehensive cumulative impact mapping of the San Lorenzo Valley. Additionally, I served for two years on the SLV Water District Citizen Advisory Committee to create a long range plan for the headwaters of the watershed. I volunteer weekly in my children's schools both on the Parent Advisory Board and within the classroom. In November 2010 I attended Leaders Causing Leaders in Long Beach. This was a gathering of visionaries for across the country speaking and offering workshops on Leaderships skills. For the last two years I have attended the Bioneers Conference and participated in the Women's Leadership Caucus.  
Project Development and Implementation
During the past 18 years I have independently begun or been a part of starting two public charter schools and two private businesses from the ground up. I am adept at visioning with a core group: working within the Charter movement, I was privy to writing legal documents, such as our operating Charter, that needed review and renewal every three years. I am excellent at meeting State and Federal guidelines for distribution of funds, and am capable of producing functional business plans and budgets. I have grantwriting and fundraising experience, garnering awards from $2500.00 to $500,000 for everything from low income housing to high school courses. I am adept with key project management tools that keep projects and people organized. I run tight, productive meetings and work well under the pressure of a deadline. I am a consummate professional who understands that having a positive attitude, good personal stress management tools, and a sense of humor are crucial when working with a team to realize a project.
As a small business owner a high degree of communication skill is required to capture and maintain a clientele. From blog and website creation, to presentations and classes, having an articulate and precise delivery for your target audience is the key to effective communication. As a Charter School Teacher I was responsible for all aspects of communication with both my clients and the larger school organization. I have been organizing and leading meetings as well as writing newsletters for over 15 years. I spent hundreds of hours in private face to face meetings with families solving problems and celebrating successes, so emotional intelligence, compassion and empathy are skills I possess in abundance. I have successfully used social media tools such as blogs, Ning, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Groups for external communication and I use Google Apps, Freedcamp, XMind and Dropbox as an integral part of project management. I find these applications to be invaluable tools and crucial for doing business in the 21st century. I have organized and also participated in advisory groups for over 20 years, and am a familiar user of Roberts Rules and Nonviolent Communication Skills; both of which I find necessary for effective meeting management and problem solving. I completed two in depth leadership programs which further refined my higher level administrative and communication capabilities. I have maintained personal client relationships in both the public and private business sector in good standing throughout my career. I believe that 90% of effective communication is attentive listening.


I am the mother of three children, the eldest of whom I homeschooled and now attends UCLA.

I have two young sons and an adorable dog that keep me young! We love to hike and explore our mountains, read, cook and do science experiments together.

I am passionate about Permaculture, Education and Children and live a dedicated life of service to all three.

I am an artist at heart: a dancer, poet and a painter.

I am a lover of all things outdoors~ escaping to the Yuba River or the Big Sur Coast whenever possible.

I dream of the cleanest, greenest schools being built here in California, as a model for the nation and world.

I am happy.