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Utilized the Active Voice recognition Approach, ADC, DAC, and Digital signal processor DSP to develop models for the computer system. Models were used to guide compound development efforts.

Help desk technician with three years of experience in diagnosing and resolving technical problems in a multi-user environment. I have an advanced knowledge of Windows (NT, 2000, XP Professional, Vista, 2007), Linux, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook Exchange e-mail client, and Internet access. I am Certified Microcomputer Applications Specialist and Networking Management. I am preparing for CCNA & MCSE certifications 

Work experience

Help Desk Technician

Computer Services company



  ·        Use technology mechanics capabilities to study computer systems ·        Develop computer software for new applications ·        Programming languages including, C++, assembler, java(beginner) ·        In depth experience with computational Microsoft programs including Office (word, excel, PowerPoint, access, etc), ·        Production experience with  information systems including operating system (OS), and ORACLE ·        Extensive use of HTML for the development of commercial Web sites when I was at bachelor degree.  
  ·      Carefulness to reducing the chance for costly errors, as well as keeping a steady workflow going. ·      Cooperation and Willingness to engage in interpersonal work situations is very important in the workplace. ·      Creativity such as using new tools and bringing a fresh perspective. ·      The ability to keep on task and complete projects without becoming distracted or bored. ·      I have high aspiration levels and work hard to achieve goals. ·      Good attitude to predict counterproductive work behaviors, job performance and theft. ·      Goodwill to believe others. ·      Influence to positively impact social situations by speaking my mind and becoming a group leader. ·      Optimism goes a long way toward productivity. ·      Order to be well organized helps employees to work without major distractions or "roadblocks." ·      Safe work behaviors to avoid work-related accidents and unnecessary risk-taking in a work environment. ·      Savvy to read other people's motives from observed behavior and use this information to guide one's thinking and action as knowledge of coworkers and the working environment. ·      Sociability as enjoying interacting with coworkers affects and doing well with them. ·      Stability to maintain composure and rationality in stressful work situations. ·      Vigor to keep a rapid tempo and keep busy.