• Indian culture share in Korea
  • American business club
  • Habitat for Humanity


Korean soldier, Photographer, Signal corpsman, Write soldier                                                      6/07 - 5/09

Take photos every events, built new buildings, manage the communicatory items


Advertising - Business major with 4 years, lots of experience with working with many new people, and           

                        Korean, English, Indian, and French language skills


Secretary of CEO, Samsung, Korea                                                                                                        02/05 - 04/07

  • Manage th CEO's schedules and prepare the meetings for the CEO
  • Always work with Computer and telephone
  • Talk with visitors and make them comfortable

Teacher Assistant, Business Dept. CAU, Korea                                                                                  03/10 - 12/10

  • Help teacher's to make test
  • Grading the Quiz
  • Send e-mails to students

Cashier, Supermarket, Canada                                                                                                               05/03 - 08/04

  • Help customers to find the items what they wants
  • Earned 9 US dollars per hour
  • Cleaned market time


  • 1st place in Making wood ship
  • 1st place in Speaking English
  • 2nd place in Speaking Indian
  • President, English Speaking Club, Wolchon Middle School
  • President, Korean Culture Club, Brent International School


Chung-Ang University, Korea                                                                                Dec. 2014

B.A. Business Administration                                                                                GPA. 4.5

The University of the Arts, USA                                                                              April. 2010

B.A. Industrial Design                                                                                               GPA. 4.2

Georgian College, Canada                                                                                    April. 2008

B.A. Digital Photography                                                                                           GPA. 4.0


Business Communication : screen casting, investment portfolio, sales letter, spread sheet,

                                                  calculation, executive, cash flow statement

Computer & Software : Proficient in MS programs (excel, word, powerpoint license)

Languages : Fluent conversation in English

                        Fluent conversation in Indian

                        Fluent conversation in French