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About Gary

Gary O'Sullivan, President of The Gary O'Sullivan Company, a unique strategic consulting company, has a wide range of talents in sales. He began working in the sales industry at the age of eighteen, selling door-to-door for family-owned businesses. Over the years, he has worked his way up to various management positions, creating leadership development programs and developing culture initiatives. He is currently an experienced senior-level executive trainer, program developer and is an in-demand platform speaker, workshop instructor, author, and motivator. His audio and video programs have been recognized industry-wide as highly effective learning and motivation tools.

Gary has an exceptional ability to make a difference in people's professional and personal accomplishments. Through creating and teaching effective 'how to' sales training, he helps companies develop their leaders and define and drive their corporate culture. A visionary who embraces enhanced success through commitment to principle-based culture, Gary's initiatives and effective training develop leadership skills for executive management.

As one of the nation's most in-demand speakers, Gary has been featured at numerous state, regional, and national conventions. In 2008, he was rewarded with an honorary Doctorate from the ICCFA University, where he is the Dean of the Sales and Marketing College, for his twenty years of continuous service. Gary was recognized as "Top Rated Speaker" of the decade in 2000 by the International Cemetery and Funeral Association and has remained the top rated speaker for the past decade.

Additionally, Gary's articles have appeared in numerous publications. His second book, The Art and Science of Selling Preneed will be published in 2011. His latest DVD project, Principle Power for Sales Management was released in 2008. In 2007, Gary released The Power to Sell Preneed, a DVD series, following the publication of Becoming Brilliant at the Basics, a revolutionary web-based sales training program, in 2005. His first book, PrinciplePowerTM for Sales Success was published in January 2004.

For four decades Gary has been in the business of building people to build businesses.  By uniting service and sales, connecting leadership with culture-focused strategies, and using integrity as the cornerstone for success, Gary helps companies develop their greatest competitive edge - their people.

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Gary O'Sullivan Company

The mission of the Gary O'Sullivan Company is simple: To build people to build business.

We help create, develop, and grow markets through training and motivating personnel to achieve performance objectives. We know that businesses never get better, that sales never improve - people do. Our entire focus is built on the principles that equip people with the power they need to be their best.

We believe that the sales, service, and overall performance of a company will improve when - and only when - the leadership, management, and culture of the organization improve.

By offering products and services based on our unique PrinciplePowerTM concepts, we help organizations discover the principles required for success at all levels in the organization. We help organizations understand the value of the principles, how to get them internalized into the hearts and minds of their people, and how to encourage action based on those principles.

The Gary O'Sullivan Company is one the nation's most unique consulting companies. We facilitate organizational development in the follow areas:

•Sales•Corporate Culture•Leadership•Management•Personal Coaching

We don't just focus on sales. We also focus on building sales professionals.

We don't just concentrate on a company's culture. We help companies develop the internal relationships which are the prerequisites for an effective corporate culture.

From leadership to management, from individual growth to team development - our focus is on people.



National Speakers Association

The National Speakers Association (NSA) is the leading organization for professional speakers. Since 1973, NSA has provided resources and education designed to advance the skills, integrity and value of its members and speaking profession.


International Cemetery Cremation Funeral Association

The International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association is the only international trade association representing all segments of the cemetery, funeral service, cremation and memorialization profession.

Founded in 1887 as the Association of American Cemetery Superintendents, the organization was created by a group of 18 cemeterians whose goal was to improve the appearance and operations of their properties. The ICCFA promotes consumer choices, pre-arrangement and open competition and has created more than two dozen model guidelines advocating state legislation on a variety of consumer-related issues.

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For four decades Gary has been in the business of building people to build businessesHe is a visionary who embraces enhanced success through commitment to principle-based culture initiatives and effective training of personal development and leadership skills for executive management.
Because of his vast experience of over three decades - from selling door-to-door, to his role in sales management, to his responsibilities as a senior executive - O'Sullivan can speak to new sales professionals, seasoned sales veterans, managers and senior leadership. He understands the profession at every level and is respected by all audiences