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I have strong interests in machine learning and specifically in deep learning. My bachelor work is associated with application of deep learning techniques for automatically car pass detection in the automatic vehicles classifier in the payment system on the toll road.

История работы


Intern Researcher

Institute for Information Transmission Problems (RAS),                               

I participate in the development of a library of predictive maintenance by Laboratory of Data Analysis and Predictive Modeling. In particular, the implementation and addition of new data analysis techniques. Helping to solve specific problems that emerge in the analysis of data obtained from cooperating companies.



Lieutenant of Russian Aerospace Defence Forces (in progress)

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Military Department.

Some courses included: linux systems, automated command and control systems


BSc in Applied Mathematics and Physics

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Department of Control and Applied Mathematics, GPA 4.75/5.00

Some lectures and classes take place at the Department of Predictive Modeling and Optimization in the Institute for Information Transmission Problems (RAS).

Some of the important courses included: probability theory, stochastic processes, statistics, multivariate statistical analysis, algorithms and computing models,  databases, methods of optimal control

Machine learning related courses: applied statistics, applied data analysis,  optimization methods, applied linear algebra, statistical modeling, clustering and pattern recognition methods, mathematical foundations of machine learning, optimization in stochastic uncertainty conditions


Lyceum "Physics and Technology school”, Obninsk, Russia.


Information Technology and Systems 2015 (ITaS'2015)  participant with paper "Использование методов поиска паттернов в последовательности событий для прогнозирования поломок сложных технических систем "

Information Technology and Systems 2016 (ITaS'2016)  participant with paper "Автоматизированное построение классификатора для разметки потока автомобилей на основе рекурретных нейроных сетей"