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Work Android Developer and Instructor Java and Android 

Work History


Android Developer

Freelancer (company in 6 October)

2 Android Application (driver and client  ) like Uber Application


Android Developer

Freelancer(Company in Saudi)

Android Application for golden price , chart and all processing about it 


Android Developer


Application for Kuwait to make order in all restaurants by phone  

March 2016July 2016

Freelancer Android Developer


Android Application called Connect tv to watch live from bein sport and another channels by packages

Dec 2014Present

Android Developer


I develop and design android application 

Feb 20162017

Instructor Java and Android

Alex Training Center ATC

Web Site :

Face Book :

Nov 2015Mar 2016

Trainee Android Developer

Mobile Application Launchpad MAL

Scholarship by Google , Udacity , ITI , TIEC and Wuzzaf to graduate android developer

Aug 2015Dec 2015

Trainee Android Developer

Net Charizma

Android Developer Develop App and UI 

Mar 2015Aug 2015

Team leader and android developer

Graduation Project

Socail media offline by using bluetooth to send text.image,voice,video and any file by use share in Bluetoothand make multi chat between multi people and it is not applicable in any application and make routing to extend range of Blutooth to cover large area without Internet and facial recogintion By use Open cv


  • Java
  • OOP
  • Android , Advanced android and UI
  • Design Pattern (MVC)
  • Consume web service by HttpUrlConnection, Apache, Volley and  Retrofit
  • FireBase
  • C#
  • C++
  • GIT
  • MY SQL 
  • SQL server
  • BI
  • System Analyst
  • Cloud computing
  • Java script
  • Jquery
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • XML
  • Linux


Oct 2011Aug 2015

Very Good

Alexandria University , Faculty of Commerce ,Management Information System.  2015

Graduation Project :

  •  create application to use Bluetooth to make offline social media between people without use Internet and by Bluetooth and Make facial recognition to recognize person from image by Open cv.
  •  it contain multi chatting in separate chats and it is not applicable before.and to extend range of Bluetooth use routing by make simple algorithm it is minimum devices and use graph traversal.and make send profiles between users it is not applicable before.
  • Attachments: web site : Documentation: .
  • Taskes :
  • 1.Android Mobile Application , web site & web service
  • 2.offline social media by Bluetooth.
  • 3.features
  • 4.Multi chat & connection.
  • 5.Routing.
  • 6.Facial recognition.
  • 7.Send & receive (Images- videos - text-Files).
  • 8.Display profile and Send Profile.
  • 9. Displying the JSON data through the web service from Facebook , create profile & update it , sign in from Facebook
  • 10.profile which created.
  • 11.Consuming the web service through Mobile
  • .12.Call web service & display JSON data in Android

  • .My tasks are:

    1.Multi chat & connection.Edit thread in Bluetooth to connect with more than one person at the same time and make list views to display devices connected.

    2.routing.extend the range of the Bluetooth By use Graph Traversal and build algorithm is Minimum devices instead of shortest path and use people such as router.


    4.send profile

    5_face recognition .


My Projects in Android 

  • Graduation project social media offline 
  • FastPlay 
  • Sunshine
  • Movie App
  • Tagwed
  • Connect tv
  • RedCab
  • Golden Taj
  • Baby sleep
  • take order
  • Al baeth
  • Mton Tagwed


  •  InnovEgypt By Tiec and Intel to learn how to be creative.
  • open it to learn Linux administration .
  • MAL to be Android developer.


  • Resala Charity .
  • Mega Alex "Java leader  + Instructor Java + Organizer " .
  • Writer in Five plus Hagat page on face book .