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Reliable Medical Technologist with an excellent clinical laboratory skills. Conducts and analyzes laboratory assays with a high level of accuracy.


Sep 2010Jun 2015

Bachelor of Mediacal Laboratory Scince

An.Najah National University

Medical Laboratory Science program is five years of study ( 147 certificate hours ) and the program includes :
1.Compulsory courses such as Hematology, Parasitology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Immunology, Physiology, Pathology, Anatomy, Genetics and Molecular.

2. Elective courses such as Pharmacology, Toxicology, Endocrinology, food Microbiology, Forensic Science.

3.Training course in the hospital and medical centers labs.



Hebrew language

Omega institute

Israeli Status Recognition Certificate to work in medical laboratories

The Israeli Ministry of Health
Mar 2013May 2013

Practical food and pharmaceutical microbiology

Continuing Education Center of An-Najah National University

Mar 2013Mar 2013

Participitation and Attendance in Jordan Society for Medical Laboratory Science

International Federation of Clinical Chemistry & Arab Federation


Many coursework in Communication and leadership skills, Human Development 

Continuing Education Center in An-Najah National University


English conversation (advanced)

Public Relations Department of An-Najah National University , and the TYO .

Working as translator and volunteering in guiding foreign volunteers

Work History

Sep 2014Present

Medical Lab Technician

Zughayer Medical Center

  As a MLT I perform routine clinical laboratory tests done in hematology, chemistry and body fluid analysis. Also I handle samples collection to send to central labs and connect them for samples and data reporting. In addition, I manage the ordering and receiving the lab supplies and maintenance of the instruments and I established a quality control system for the lab.


Training experiences :

1- November / 2014, Annajah National Hospital.

2- October / 2014, Ramalla Hospital.

3- September / 2014, Kobat Holem Medical center.

4- August / 2014, Rafedya Hospital.


Microbiology skills and knowledge of proper methods and procedures to handle a cultural specimen.

Hematology , biochemistry , serology , endocrinology knowledge .

Blood Bank Knowledge .

Specimen collection/processing proficiency (phlebotomy , swabbing , scraping .. etc)

Lab result evaluation.

Sterilization techniques mastery.

Medical clinical procedures comprehension.

Ability to adapt with work under pressure.

Mastering leadership skills and teamwork.

Medical reporting and documentation using computer programs like : ( AviCenna , Citrex , Clicks ).

Medical terminology knowledge.

Strong medical ethics.

Certified in Basic Life Support (BLS) Wound cleaning/care ability IV , SC drug administration.

Languages : Arabic , English & Hebrew .


1.Dr. Hazem Zughayer, CEO and Doctor and  in Zughayar Medical Center .  C: 0546070300

2. Ins. Majdi Dwekat ,Manager of medical laboratory science department in An-Najah National University, Nablus. C: 0599451283

3.Mr. Nasri Ghanayem ,COO in Kobat Holem - Hazem Zughayar Medical Center. C: 0546070500