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Computer Science Engineer


Rigorous, dynamic and enjoys teamwork.

Professional experiences


End of Studies' Project

Company of the Phosphates of Gafsa.

WEB Application

Development of a web application to generate the management of the mutual in the company.

june. 2016july. 2016

Summer internship

Company of the Phosphates of Gafsa.

WEB Project 

Development of a web application for a sales agency of the machines  needed in the company.

july. 2015august. 2015

Summer internship

Company of the Phosphates of Gafsa


sept. 2014feb.2017

Computer Engineering Student .

National Engineering  School of Carthage .
sept. 2012june.2014

Diploma in Scientific Preparatory Cycle: Mathematics Physics.

Preparatory Institute for Engineering Studies of Bizerte.

Baccalaureate: Mathematics

Mixed High School , Metlaoui, Gafsa

Rating: Good


jan. 2016apr. 2016

WEB Project

Development of a web application for an intelligent rail transport system

Working environment :


jan. 2016apr. 2016

SGBD (PL/SQL) Project

Flight Management

Working environment :
- Oracle Express 10 g .

sept. 2015dec. 2015

JEE Project

Shop Web Development (Inventory Management)

Working environment :
- Eclipse Kepler.
- JDK 7.
- Tomcat 7.

jan. 2015apr. 2015

C++ Project 

Flight management of an airline

Working environment :

-Microsoft Visual Studio .


Development :

C, C++, Java, PHP, Android.

Computer Standards :

SQL, HTML, CSS, DOM (JavaScript).

Servers :

Apache, Tomcat , MySql.

Data base :

MySql, Oracle .

Embedded :

Embedded Linux, embedded C,Assembler, VHDL, VHDL- AMS, DSP.

Network :

TCP/IP, Ethernet, Hardware and software requirements.


-Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) score: 850 / 990

 -IBM Business Intelligence Analyst Mastery Award Certificate.


Arabic: Mother tongue .
English: Readen , written and spoken.
French: Readen, written and spoken.
Italian: Readen, spoken.



Association: Member of the Netlinks Club of the National School of Engineers of Carthage.