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Wave Uranium / FBCD
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Shrink Nanotechnologies


- Hemis (HMSO) Norman Meier was CEO                                                               Click the following link to learn what Douglas Oliver the chief geologist for Hemis at the time has to say about Norman Meier and Hemis: Please watch the following two promotional video clips about Hemis corporation. The quality of the videos reflect the company perfectly: In the video clip linked above you can see Chad Smanjak beside Norman Meier at 6.31 min. Mr. Smanjak is the fourth person from left and Mr. Meier is the fifth person from left. That group picture was taken during the Hemis conference in Las Vegas.                      - Tecton (TTNC) Norman Meier was CEO Sold to Micah Eldred after the company tanked and stayed dormant for years. Read this: - MASS Petroleum (MASP) / XTOL Energy Inc. / LAUD Resources Inc.      Norman Meier was VP During Mr. Meier's time at MASS Petroleum he was introduced to Chad Peter Smanjak who also was a shareholder at MASS. Mr. Smanjak was involved in a "Pump and  Dump" scheme promoting shares of Wave Uranium (see beleow).                      - Wave Uranium / FBC  Norman Meier had 53.3% of the shares Please read some of the almost unbelievable stuff that was going on:               See link below to that Mr. Norman Meier was indeed the major share holder of the Wave Uranium: Please also read the following statement about the involvement of Chad Peter Smanjak in several "Pump and Dump" schemes and Wave Uranium is among them: - Condor Gold and Minerals Clive Massey (Norman Meier) Norman Meier's business partner Cliver Massey fronted for this company. It actually belonged to Mr. Meier. - Aviara Mining Norman Meier CEO It's not in business anymore. - Athena Capital Partners Norman Meier CEO FINRA censured Athena because of the following and states in a report: "Section 15(c) of the securities exchange act of 1934, SEC rule 15C2-4, FINRA rule 2010 – Athena Capital Partners, Inc. participated in a contingent private placement offering of securities conducted by an entity and, instead or requiring investors’ funds to be deposited into a bank escrow account as required by SEC rule 15C2-4, the documents for the offering provided that during the contingency period, investors’ funds would be deposited into a savings account operated and controlled by the entity. The firm also negligently omitted material facts from the offering documents; the documents did not disclose to investors that the issuer's founder and principal had outstanding federal and state tax liens and civil judgments for unpaid debts totaling over $4 Million." - Westbridge Oil and Gas (as Victor Burrell Meier) Norman Meier CEO Please read the following: Here some info why Victor Burrell Meier is in fact Norman Meier:   - Refco Minerals Clive Massey / Natasha Waite Like Condor Gold and Minerals Clive Massey fronted for Norman Meier only this time with Mr. Meier’s right hand Natasha Waite.   - Syngentis                                         Norman Meier CEO - Aurum Corporation                      Norman Meier CEO - Stratos Gold Corporation          Norman Meier CEO - Allegra Corporation                     Norman Meier CEO - Sirius Corporation                        Norman Meier CEO - Sedona AG                                       Norman Meier CEO - HiQ consulting                               Norman Meier CEO - Ecologics Corporation (as Victor Meier)                             Norman Meier CEO - Novodermica Corporation (as Victor Meier)                   Norman Meier CEO - Nevada Business Experts                                                          Norman Meier CEO                        - American Geologics LLC (Edwin “Eddie” Meier) was bought by Shrink Nanotechnologies Shrink Nanotechnologies recently bought American Geologics LLC. We learn that Edwin Meier founded it. Edwin Meier is also the father of Norman Meier. American Geologics was registered through Norman Meier’s company American Incorporation Services, Inc. aka Nevada Business Experts. - PWM AG / Corumel Minerals Corp /  Prospero Minerals Corp.                Norman Meier CEO These companies were all a scam:   - LEAP Institute LLC / Swiss Equity Trust GmbH Norman Meier CEO - Wylie Foundation Norman Meier CEO? Here is information about Wylie Foundation on Mr. Meier's own website:                                    Charitable organizations must be registered. There are no information about Wylie Foundation to be found anywhere other than Mr. Meier's own website. - United Oil and Gas (Natasha Waite) Norman Meier is possibly involved - Tristar Energy (Natasha Waite) Norman Meier is possibly involved The only company in this list that is actually doing something is Mr. Meier's Nevada Business Experts which offers incorporation services. It's the exact same business model Natasha Waite was involved with all her life at EastBiz where Mr. Meier registered most of his companies in the past. By the way Shrink, Aviara Mining and Nevada Business experts share the same phone number and Shrink and Nevada Business experts have the exact same address. Every other company in this list Norman Meier was involved with went out of business, never made any business in the first place or had some irregularities. To be faire Sedona AG however is still alive and belongs to someone else now. Mr. Meier's track record doesn't seem as flawless as he wants everybody to believe. That brings me to the next topic, Dr. Norman Meier's education is a scam like most of his former companies: Norman Meier has a PhD in Human Behavior, an MBA and a BA, all from Newport University in Switzerland. (Source: ) Is Newport University an accredited institution? We have checked with the relevant official sites (including the CHEA and and found that Newport University is not recognized by any of the accreditation agencies officially accepted by the Department of Education of the US to carry out accreditation of higher education institutions. Hence the gentleman's claim of Newport University being internationally recognized does not tally with the facts. In addition, contrary to the gentleman's claim that Newport University has been re-designated as Janus University, we have indeed been able to reach Newport's website:   but this time the site claims that Newport is now located in Europe! The website of Janus University, California ( was not reachable. That's already bad enough at it is but here comes the real kicker. When Norman Meier received his diplomas from Newport back then his father Dr. Edwin Meier (aka Eddie) was in charge of the Newport University Switzerland Campus. It gets a little bit confusing when you start to look a little closer because Mr. Eddie Meier ran Newport University under the wing of Swiss Management Academy (SMA) and it was located at Neuhofstrasse 8, 8600 Dubendorf. That's the exact same address Norman Meier uses for his company Norman Meier International. (sources: His father Prof. Dr. Eddie Meier is a professor in psychology and gave seminars and taught courses all his life... (   It's safe to say that Mr. Norman Meier probably didn't have to study too hard to get the diplomas handed to him by his father. Read the following article in which Eddie Meier gets mentioned: ... Edwin Meier, who posed as a professor... ( Yes, Edwin Meier was involved with PWM AG / Corumel / Prospero. It was a scam. That was Norman Meier's entry to the world of penny stocks.



PhD, Human Behaviour

Newport University Switzerland

Fake degree from a diploma mill