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French Language
Speak and write fluently in French. Translator in D.C area for DOJ
Adobe Acrobat
Microsoft Office
  Proficiency with Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)  

Work experience

SGML Specialist Coordinator

  • Worked in a European Electronic Publishing/Printing Company on an important project with the European Communities called Formex (Format Exchange of Electronic Document)
  • Tagged various and complex documents in SGML format based on a specific DTD
  • Parsed each SGML document in 11 languages of the Official Journal and perform QA in all files using SGML proprietary tool 
  • Troubleshooting problem files and resolved any client queries
  •  Responsible for delivering final product to client
Mar 2008Oct 2011

Virtual Project assistant

  • Planned and implemented project management systems for active IRM company
  • Ensured that objectives were accomplished in accordance with outlined priorities
  • Analyzed results of operations to find more efficient ways to utilize resources
  • Helped identify, evaluate and hire freelance vendors
  • Supervised and paid freelance vendors.
  • Delegated responsibilities and designed time schedules to freelancers
  • Reviewed project status reports during each operational phase
  • Prepared weekly project status reports for management.
Apr 2000Jan 2006

Senior Project Manager/Online publication and print

  • Managed various and complex projects (Legal, Technical, Medical, and Scientific) that require conversion of data from hardcopy or electronic files such as: QUARK, PDF, XLS, WORD, etc…) to any format such as: XML, SGML, HTML, WORD, E-BOOK etc… for online publications purposes
  • Reviewed electronic files in order to provide high-quality, accurate, and consistent products and tracking all projects using FileMaker database
  • Troubleshooting problems using some tools (i.e.: XMetal software) for SGML and XML files
  • Responsible for all client communications with production team throughout the project
  • Provided status report on projects on a daily basis
  • Resolved clients and offshore production queries
  • Provided pre-sales support by creating workflow, reviewed and developed specifications and samples
  • Managed  pre-production tasks in the data conversion process including analyzing client data,  reviewing/developing project specifications and workflows, communicating specifications and workflows to production team
Jun 1996Dec 1997

SGML Specialist Coordinator

  • Worked in a European Consultant Company (TIMELUX) who is the leader in structured information processing technologies and services.
  • Coded various documents in SGML and analyzed structure of all Official Journals documents in 11 languages
  • Created multiple DTD’s in SGML format based on documents sampling
  • Provided document samples tagged in SGML format to the Official Publications of The European Communities
  • Updated document examples containing SGML tags to ensure archiving
Nov 1994May 1996

Customer Service Representative

  • Worked in logistic department utilizing the CALIDUS / SAP System
  • Customer representative liaison with all General Electric affiliates (Austria, Belgium, Germany)



Leland Steigs

I have been also a co-producer with Mr Steigs on his latest film.


Michael Shapiro


I am an experienced, detail-oriented project manager with childcare responsibility. Therefore I am seeking a virtual position where I can use my experience and skills to help you meet your vital deadlines effectively.  I have superior proofreading and organizational skills.


SAG Actor in Washington, DC Metro area, who seeks involvement in all aspects of film production.


Department of Justice