• Budapest, Hungary

Nora Younis

Application for SAP Social Media and Online Marketing Job



Elementary school

Sep 2007 - Jun 2011
Talentó Ház

The opportunity of shaping a wide field of interests owing to professions like drama-circle, gardening, language classes...

High school

Sep 2011 - Present
Thomas Mann Gymnasium

Since I always loved to be in a community, next to developing my language skills in such as German, English, Spanish and Hungarian, I tried to take part in the social life of the school (f.e. students' newspaper, PPT presentations, exchange programmes...)

Personal profile

I deem myself an energetic, ambitious person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that I undertake, or situation that I am presented with. I always aspire for achieving the highest standard possible, not only in quality, but also in uniqueness.

I am also able to accomplish my ideas with the help of technical knowledge (Microsoft Office, Video editing, Photoshop, Social media channels, Paint) and of course my team.  I possess a friendly and motivating character, and am open for any kinds of critics I later try to learn of.

Since I grew up in an international and open-minded family, I put big emphasis on relationships, languages and other cultures. At the German national school I am visiting I have the opportunity to learn other two foreign languages besides German and Hungarian. I got the chance to develop my skills by participating in exchange programmes (two of them to Germany) and a determinant role in the social life of my school.

In addition, I dispose of high academic achievments (2014/15 scholarship), competition results and SAP skills.




I have tried myself in various sports like jazz ballett, volleyball, swimming... At this moment I am racing as an amateur boxer at GentlemenFightClub.


Microsoft Office, Video editing, Photoshop, Social media channels, Paint, SAP


good organizing skills, kind-hearted, intelligent, precise, success in sports- and  study-competitions, creative, knowledgeable