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Nora Aboushoushah

Head of production Dept. Scriptwriter & Concept Developer


 When given the opportunity to work in Media, I did not hesitate, and Since 2009 I have developed from content creator to Head of the production department in Aram Alihsan, helped build the youTube channel "AramTV" rated number 18/19 (the list is live so rating varies) in a global list of "Most Subscribed to Educational Channels" along with Ted talks and Khan Academy.

Experienced in Content creation for different TV shows (fillers) and turning content into visual segments. Writing mini TV show scripts of different categories; motion-graphics, naratives/film  and factual TV series. Along with developing concepts from scratch regarding social ads, episode outlines and show ideas.

Media Production Research, Content Creation, Creating TV Show briefs, Concept development, Script Writing, One shot campaign ideas.


Business & Administration 

King Abdulaziz University

Marketing major 

Work History

Head of production


One shot Social ads Concept creation.

TV shows concept creation.

Running the production department from A-Z, handling a team of content creators, which includes training, directing and revising/approving their scripts. 

Creating systems to better enhance the workflow, which includes pitching systems for vendors and a client briefing system, alongside creating templates for scripts, briefs and proposals. 

Senior producer

Aram alihsan
Mar 20122014

Writing  TV show scripts of different categories; animated motion graphics, short film and factual TV series es. Along with developing concepts from scratch episode outlines and TV show ideas. 

Managing more than 8 shows a year (240 five minute episodes) from creation to execution. Handling both client and vendor. 

Content Creator & Scriptwriter

Aram alihsan 
Mar 2009Mar 2012

Content creation and turning content into visual entertaining segments. 

was one of the lead content creators on the famous Arab show "Kawater 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11" (factual show)


Worked on more than 600 episodes\films (5\20 minute episodes)

Best work includes:

Kawater: Content creation  

Taktik: A TV show sold to MBC  written by me. A how to be married guide Show. which includes narratives, reality and motion graphics. 

Samtan 2: A TV show aired on MBC. writing and co-directing A mini documentary series , one of the episodes is about Dandora Dump in Kenya which at the time had not been exposed via film.  

For a look at my work , please check Aram TV on youtube