Al Paso Comedor - Guatemala
  • I started my own business serving to take in Guatemala. In less than half a year, I grew up to serve 25 people sitting in my house.
  • I started only with $ 45; In half a year, I invested US $ 1,500. I had $ 7,500 to invest.
  • In the administration of my business (Al paso comedor, on Facebook), I designed the menu, managed the finances, promoted on Facebook and email marketing using Inbound Marketing.
  • I had the exact knowledge of the costs of each ingredient and plate, because I write about finance and entrepreneurship for business.
  • My responsibilities include: purchases, relationships with suppliers, serving, cooking, serving and serving the client, cleaning, sanitation of the place.
  • In addition, I took the pictures of my dishes, sharing them on Facebook to attract new customers.
  • Every 4 weeks, I presented a new proposal for the client, to have different options.
  • I did not study to cook or be a chef, food has been part of my family's history because of my father's mother. Also, I am self-taught.
  • Even when I worked for Publinews, a Guatemalan newspaper, I had my own section on food. I wrote and took photos for this.
  • I have experience in food photography, video editing, social networks, websites and writing.