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Work experience

Jul 2010Feb 2011

Online Media Assistant

MindShare Media Agency

Media assistance ment handling the administration and financial proccesses of online display and performance campaigns.

The position offered a great first time experience in the world of marketing communication as through the tasks that necessitated precisity I had the opportunity to learn organizing, a working attitude of paying attention to details and the ability to take responsibility. These years also let me earn deeper insights of the fascinating world of ATL communication, more specifically digital advertising.

Feb 2011Dec 2012


MindShare Media Agency

As a Traffic, Search and PPC specialist besides display campaigns’ adserver related tasks Search and other Performance campaign planning and objective-focused optimized management were among my key duties. The most important tools that have become an active and important part of my life were primarily Google AdWords, AdSence, Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other PPC, eDM and affiliate systems.

Performance was and is always in the center of everything I intend to do in ATL communication and for this reason continuous testing, analyzing and the drawn learnings’ implementation into upcoming activites are concidered to be the preconditions of improving results in my understanding.

Jan 2013Dec 2013


MindShare Media Agency

The agency launched a pilot project in which I could become the first member who was responsible for creating the funds of holistic digital strategic planning and operative realization in line with other ATL and BTL communicational activities.

This ment that the past years’ mainly performance related and analytical knowledge could be completed with display related ones in order to obtain a 360’ spectacle about digitalia.

These years have opened up new opportunities through offering a diverse, innovative and exciting approach in the digital proccesses I coped with. I could now experience and use all kind of tools digital could offer and worked to create an optimal combination for each client’s specific needs. From agency’s perspective this unorthodox executive position has also created a distinguishing position for the company in the agency market.

Sep 2014Dec 2014


MindShare Media Agency

As senior upon the previous period’s tasks less operative ones became important parts of the everyday duties - such as participation in presentation, tender, conference material creation, suplemented with mentoring and internally and externally carried out trainings.

Oct 2014Dec 2014


MindShare Media Agency

In October 2014 I became repsonsible for the coordination and controlling of the work carried out by a team consisting of 5 members on a newly earned, highly digitally driven client requiring constantly high quality standards, particularly in therms of online solutions.

This position - beyond the professional challenges - offered the possiblity to acquire and improve managing competencies too. During the project’s 3 intense months I learnt a lot about colleagues, organizational communication, task and proccess management and myself also.

Sep 2014Dec 2014


MindShare Media Agency

After the 3 months duration project’s year-end termination I continued my work in the company as an Agency Group Head which is the longherm institutionalizing of all the professional and managerial competencies that I had the opportunity to learn ever since I started my career at MindShare and for which I am really greateful and happy. This position serves diverse and exicting challenges every day that makes me be up to date and keeps me out of my comfort zone which is among the top priorities I’m seeking for.



Commerce and Marketing, BA

Corvinus University of Budapest

full time, then correspondance course


Marketing, MA

University of Szeged

correspondance course




  • analytical view, performance-orientation
  • exactitude, attention to details
  • capability of completing heavy workload
  • creativity, intention of exploring non-conventional solutions, possibilities
  • enthusisam, vocation
  • anthropocentricness, belief in the strength and importance of human ties, relationships


  • mountainbiking
  • running
  • reading
  • series
  • baking
  • experimenting...


I belive that succes-orientated marketing has to be well founded but at the same time adaptive too, necessitating creative and out of the box thinking because of the ceaselessly changing nature of our world.
I enjoy working in an international environment and the opportunuty to get to know and be inspired by different angles and practices of different regions, working fields and people.