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Work experience

May 2010Aug 2010


Jan 2010May 2010


Paradise Bakery


Aug 2010Present


The University Of Arizona
Aug 2006May 2010

High School

Saguaro High School


Hard Worker
I work to my fullest capabilities whenever a task is put before me. I think this is a valuable asset because being a hard worker will always set me apart from a lazy person. If something needs to be completed, i'm going to work to my fullest capabilities to complete it. Being a hard worker can only have a positive impact whether its in the work field or in my daily routine. 
Fast Learner
I pride myself for my ability to pick up things quickly. I think being a fast learner is a valuable trait to have because it wont ever take you long to get the hang of things. Being a fast learner helps with every aspect of life. 
Im a born leader, never been a follower much before in my life. I like to stray away from the pack and lead by example, I pride myself on my ability to show leadership. Being a strong leader is a very valuable trait to have because it sets you apart from the average person. A strong leader leads by example and isn't afraid of any obstacle. 
Im a great speaker in front of large crowds, I feel most at home on the center stage. Im very comfortable talking to anyone and talking about any topic. Being a good speaker is a strong trait to have because you communicate with people every day, and being great at it can only have its positives. 
Very good with computers, I have a large amount of experience handling them. Been using a computer since elementary school and haven't stopped since! Having great computer skills is a valuable trait to have today because computers are used on a daily basis.

Saguaro High School!

University of Arizona!

Home Town






Currently a sophomore at the University of Arizona. Majoring in Business Management currently at Eller School of Management. Im a aspiring entrepreneur thats hoping to start my own business by the time I graduate in 2014. Thank you for viewing my visual resume! Hopefully you learn a little more about me!

How I Obtained These Skills

I think I've obtained these skills and my characteristics throughout my life. Growing up my parents had allot to do with the type of person I am today. Having strong parents, teaching me all the skills I have and use today. School, baseball, friends also had a strong impact on me as well. Practicing my skills and using them on a daily basis has helped me mold and perfect my abilities. 

Goals And What Sets Me Apart

I feel like the skills I have obtained and the traits I possess will only have a positive effect on my future. I think if I use my talents to the best of my abilities, ill be working for a successful enterprise or create my own company. I feel I stand out from the crowd because of my strong leadership qualities and Im hoping this will transition to a successful life in the work field. Im a great outside the box thinker, this has translated into me being a great innovator.I believe I have the necessary abilities to stand out from the pack and to be very successful in the future. Im a great outside the box thinker, this has translated into me being a great innovator. 


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