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Cuban singing Master, degree in Art Education, Teacher and musical academic experience, has a singing career in different sittings and countries, Germany, Martinique, Japan, San Martin, Brazil and Mexico. In the teaching of singing specializes in Latin music genres (Bolero, Cha Cha Cha, Salsa, Son Montuno, Rumba, Afro, Jazz Latino), mastery of Latin and jazz improvisation. Currently develops and disseminates a teaching program bases its authorship learning the musical language of jazz, melodic improvisation and versed in the voice. It has developed a teaching plan for implementation both courses and workshops that has been taught at several universities and cultural centers in México.

  • “Alvaro Carrillo” Tribute Concert with musician Veracruzana University Jazz Studies Center (Jazzuv)

  • Video recording studio with Bambarakatunga Group (Adoro / Armando Manzanero)

  • Presentation at The Central American Games in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico, Bambarakatunga Group (Drume Bold / Eliseo Grenet)

Professional Experience

Dec 2014Present

Singer / Vocalist

Performer independent voice

Make courses and workshops in Latin Song, for the diffuse Latin musical tradition, teaches private singing and presentations where it is requested vocals.

Oct 2009Dec 2014

Maestra de Canto Latino / Singing teacher

Centro de Estudios Jazzuv / Jazzuv Studies Center

Musical integrated into the community of Veracruz, participated in several groups of different musical formats of the town, worked at the Universidad Veracruzana in the Area of Cultural Broadcasting, to engage in the kinds of Latin chant, which created and development area until they leave Mexico. Also, he worked in the chair of history of jazz in the various existing levels and impatió jazz choir classes at all levels.

Nov 1992Mar 2002

Singer / Director of Band Music

Artistic Company "Adolfo Guzman"

It began as a vocalist and founder of Grupo Canela, then founded his group Piel Morena.


Teaching Skills
  • Degree of Arts Education
  • Vocal Trainer
  • Master Piano for Beginners
  • Canto Latino / Latin musical genres
  • Assemble Musical
  • Jazz Choir
  • History of Jazz
Skilled computer skills (ISO / PC)

- Work

- Power Point

- Excel

- Sibelius 7

- iReal Pro (ISO)


Aug 2010Jun 2013

Artistica Education

Universidad Veracruzana

Work as teachers of their artistic discipline with a solid understanding of the processes of teaching and learning, as well as have an awareness of the evolution and importance of art as dynamic, creative and inclusive social process in a globalized context. Methodologically plan and implement the processes of teaching the arts, according to the characteristics of each, according to previous training. Apply specific theoretical and methodological requirements of teaching in the artistic discipline of their competence. Advise research-oriented artistic work. Assist in the overall development of the community members, through the promotion of human, social and institutional values. Conducting a responsible and ethical exercise of their teaching. Establish a friendly and supportive relationship with students and members of the workplace in general.

Sep 1995Jul 1998


Felix Varela

Advanced professional school

Sep 1988Jul 1989

Professional technician in Labor Law

Julian Grimau

Technical profile professional career in the humanities, labor law, work organization and wages, Political Economy, Statistics, Laws of State and Law, aspects of the criminal process, Fundamentals of organization of work and hygiene, etc.

Sep 1981Jul 1984

High School

José Martí

Bachelor Studies

Sep 1978Jul 1981

Secundary School

26 de Julio

Secondary School 

Sep 1973Jul 1978

Education Primary

Tamara Bunke

First years of primary education