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Smart, reliable, and creative person seeking employment with the PUD

Work experience

Apr 2005Oct 2008

Card Room Dealer

Keglers Casino
  • Deal cards
  • Exchange customers money for chips
  • Be able to add or multiply quickly
  • Not make any mistakes
  • Make sure customers didn't cheat
  • Open and close tables
  • Count all chips on table to make sure none were missing
  • Do fills and credits
  • Pay out winning hands
  • Run up cards
  • Shuffle cards fast
  • Keep customers at your table happy
  • Good communication skills and positive energy
Nov 2004Apr 2005

Flow Team

  • Stocked shelves
  • Unloaded heavy merchandise from trucks
  • Work quickly alone or as part  of a team
  • Help customers when needed
  • Multi-task
  • Back stock
  • Worked cardboard compression machine
Apr 2003Aug 2004

Shift Manager

Picassos Premium Pizza
  • Train new employees
  • Work cash register
  • Answer phones and take orders 
  • Deliver orders
  • Open and close store
  • Count money in safe and cash register
  • Take care of any complaints
  • Make sure employees are working hard and not slacking
  • Clean store
  • Good communication skills




Hard working, detail oriented, able to multi-task. Able to learn and apply quickly and effectively. Outstanding training, leadership, and communication skills. Extensive customer service background. Able to work alone or as part of a team. Resourceful in solving problems and maximizing resources. Able to lift heavy objects.