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Having degrees in Mathematics and Statistics had helped me to develop many critical points in my personal and practical life. I gained the ability of critical, analytical and innovative thinking at the same time. Studying abroad had taught me to work in a diverse environment with multicultural settings. Being a member of the Center for Modeling Complex Interactions at the University of Idaho made me a flexible team player and knowledge-hungry learner. My goal is to use my researching skills to contribute in developing and helping my community to grow.

Areas of Expertise     

  • Critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Analytical and quantitative analysis .
  • Management and leadership.
  • Bilingual in Arabic and English.


Dec 2013Dec 2015

MSc. Statistical Sciences

University of Idaho

Selected Courses:

  • Consulting Practicum.
  • Computer Intensive Statistics.
  • Experimental Design.

BSc. Mathematics

King Abdulaziz University

Projects and Volunteer Work



Center for Modeling Complex Interactions - University of Idaho

Collaborated with a team in CMCI to analyze, model and understand the dynamics behind the spread of the Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa. 


Master Degree Thesis

Estimating the Impact of Cultural Variation on Epidemic Behavior 

The thesis focuses on how sociocultural characteristics can affect the dynamics of an emerging infectious disease. Liberia was chosen as a case study to explore the relationship between sociological and cultural factors and Ebola virus disease. Various methods wee used to evaluate the relationships: principal component analysis (PCA), auto-regressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) models and cross correlation between the counties.


Attended, Presented a poster

Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease      Athens-Georgia

Presented a poster under the title "Estimating the Impact of Cultural Variation on Epidemic Behavior". The poster used a spatiotemporal Poisson model to evaluate the dynamics behind Ebola virus spread in Liberia.In particular, analyzing the association of social and cultural variables and actual case counts on County levels.



IT Leadership Project Management Certificate

FairFax County Continuing Education
  • IT security leadership.
  • MS Project 2007.
  • Introduction to project management.
  • Transforming organizations through business process re-engineering leadership.
  • Enterprise architecture leadership.
  • IT systems analysis management.
  • IT leadership.

Computer Skills

MS Office(Word, PowerPoint, Excel)


Michelle Wiest, Ph.D.                                                                                                            [email protected]