Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity Incorporated, Alpha Tau Chapter, Member 09- Present; Howardwood Alumni Celebrity Panel 2010; School of Communications Student Council, Media Relations Director 08-09; 2008 Presidential Elections Campus Reporter/Photojournalist; Annenberg Honor’s Program Image Committee, Co-Chair 08-09 and  a Published author, Poetics Noire (Volume 1). 


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Entertainment Publicist. Social Media Strategist. Event Planner.

Noelle Motley is a graduate of Howard University, and currently resides in Hollywood, California. Throughout Motley's collegiate career, she focused on honing her skills as a budding entertainment publicist by interning, volunteering, spearheading collegiate projects and working for such organizations as BET and the American Legacy Foundation. 

Over the past year, Motley has secured placement for recording artists on reputable web sites, and has worked for an entertainment PR agency that oversees such entities as Snoop Dogg and Sprite. Motley currently serves as a freelance publicist for MISSELLE Public Relations, LLc.  As a well-rounded and driven individual, Motley is knowledgeable of the vast fields of public relations, talent representation, branding, publicity, media relations, digital media, event planning, research, SLR photography and strategic communications and has held positions and internships in each genre.

As a media relations intern from the Howard University Office of Communications, Motley conducted extensive PR campaigns that aired reports on several media outlets in Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, and Washington D.C. Motley has also served as the media specialist for the Howard University Steering Committee, managing a $5,000 budget for an  online advertising campaign, increasing traffic by 105%. Motley was also responsible for founding and planning a sold out event entitled, The Celebrity Unveiling for the Howard University Homecoming Steering Committee. The Celebrity Unveiling has taken place each year since and is now held in conjunction with the nationally acclaimed and highly attended Howard University Homecoming, which attracts over 650,000 people during the ten-day star-filled homecoming week. As the media specialist Motley was in charge of media relations/credentialing, performance and music clearances, talent licensing as well as all aspects of the homecoming weeks media relations, including interviews and live broadcastings. 

In the future, Motley plans to develop a non-profit organization catered to the youth of military families and develop an online magazine for budding professionals. Specialties:Vocus, Cision, Lexis-Nexis, HTML and CSS coding, Social Media  (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Foursquare, Blogger, Word Press), 35mm B&W and SLR photography, Microsocit Office and PC MAC applications. 

Work experience

Work experience

Media Specialist/Event Planner

Howard University Homecoming Steering Committee

• Founded and planned the sold out 1st Annual Homecoming Celebrity Unveiling Ceremony

• Advertised on 135 major web sites; 150,000,000 clicks internationally within three months• Oversaw promotion and credentialing for 15 week-long events; sports, fashion and event marketing• Created press releases/media applications, obtained national and local coverage across 80 outlets

• Participants: Musiq, Tarajih P. Henson, Fabolous, Sunni Patterson, Lance Gross, Cameo and others

Jan 2011 - May 2011

Public Relations Intern

American Legacy Foundation

•Constructing press releases; preparing annual PR award binders•Strategic communications and brand management for the truth® teen smoking prevention campaign•Aiding with event outreach, preparation and planning

Oct 2010 - Dec 2010

Public Relations Intern

The Walker Marchant Group

• Pitched to national and local print and radio media outlets in 25 states

• Edited 5-10 bilingual press releases, memos, meeting notes and research proposals weekly

• Created and maintaining media lists; monitoring national newspapers for client-related stories

• Monitored and obtained coverage for clients Wal-Mart, Walgreens and The National Urban League

Oct 2010 - Dec 2010

Viral Public Relations Intern

Cashmere Agency

• Pitched within the entertainment/consumer industry: TV, film, DVD, music and consumer products

• Created media monitoring excel spreadsheets; collecting client’s VPM hits on over 110 web sites

• Developed ancillaries encompassing online media clippings to be sent to clients weekly

• Clients: artists Shyne and Cali Swag District; products: Numark and The Boondocks Season 3 DVD 

Jun 2010 - Aug 2010

Federal Market Research Intern

STV, Incorporated

• Created binders outlining budgets, proposals and research for eight federal government agencies

• Extensive market research analyzing government budget trends and urban development/planning

May 2009 - Aug 2009

Production Intern

Black Entertainment Television

• Pitched calls to publicist and artist regarding performances, schedules and transportation 

• Wrote over 55 artist biographies, host’s note cards and audience cue cards                 

• Aided in the 6 day shootings of the full season of Bobby Jones Gospel Hour 2010

• Assisted with all phases of production, including talent casting, sound checks, tapings and editing

Jan 2009 - May 2009

Office of University Communications

Public Relations Intern

• Devised four campaigns for “Alternative Spring Break” in New Orleans, Detroit, Chicago and D.C.• Drafted 25 press advisories/releases, pitch letters and articles; created 12 outlet catered media lists               

• 17 stories placed in national mediums, such as Philadelphia Inquirer and CBS Evening News 


Aug 2007 - May 2011


Howard University