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Pursue a career in Politics, and eventually acquire a position as major for the city of Whittier.


Education, being healthy, reading, law, history, and philosophy.


My goal is to be a positive influence in people's lives. To be an outstanding citizen and leader of the society. I want to be a politician or volunteer in the International Solidarity Movement . When I grow up I truly want to change the world to help humanity. I am someone who doesn't care what people think, but I am not narrow minded. I am benevolent and well educated I have patience. I am ambitious and try to do better than anyone else.


Highly ambitious, determined to complete set goals accomplished 30 min. runs throughout the whole summer Demonstrate good performance and study skills in class Physical fitness skills
Motivated in a scheduled workout plan Manual labor service Trained in Physical Education Establish a diet plan
Accompished a 4.0 GPA at Cal HI Reviewed literature for English Reports Excellent Problem Solving skills and troubleshooting skills Tutored fellow students in History

Work experience

Dedication in sports

Wrestling      from: September 2010 to: December 2010

California High School

Whittier, CA

  • Woke up at 6 am to go to practice
  • Work hard with the help from my team
  • Trained with a hardworking coach

Track        from: Feb. 2010 to: June 2010

California High School

Whittier, CA

  • Ran 8 miles
  • Attained better stamina
  • Run at least 4 miles every practice day


High School Diploma

California High School

General Education