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Aug 2014Present

Masters in applied  and commercial biotechnology

Hedmark university of applied science

Experimental Biotechnology , focus on either 1. Reproduction biology in livestock animals and fish, 2. Molecular and functional genetics with applications in breeding, diagnostics and wildlife management, or 3. Bioprocess- and enzyme technology

Work experience

Feb 2011Aug 2014

Regional Officer( Diagnostics)

Tradesworth Ltd.

Communicate with Biochemist, Technologist and lab owner, promote new diagnostic equipment and reagent ,device and give application support. 

Apr 2010Feb 2011


Life Line Diagnostic Center

Performing  biochemical test, check quality of the test, result interpretation


Jul 2015Aug 2015

Genomic medicine get personal

Georgetown university through eDX

Focus in Genetic diseases diagnosis and direct to consumer marketing

Feb 2011Feb 2011

Current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) and Quality control of drug

Directorate general of Drug Administration in collaboration with WHO

major in Good manufacturing Practice

 Relavent Project work

 Radiation Protection & Diagnosis & Treatment of Various Disease

B.M. D. test (bone marrow density test) radio, immune assay test, ultrasonography, Thyroid hormone test, basics of radiation

 Tissue Culture & Production of Mushroom

Tissue Culture, Spawn Production. Mushroom Cultivation, Pest Management, Collection & Preservation


 1) In vitro , Cytotoxicity and Mineral composition analyses of Micania Cordata(Bumr.f.) B.L.Robinson leaves. (Published, international journal of Bioscience/ IJB/ISSN: 2220-6655(print) 2222-5234, on-line).

2) Evaluation of immune Response & determination of the proper administration time of infectious bursal Disease (vaccine). (Published ,Global Veterinaria 12(5):651-659.2014,ISSN 1992-6197)

3) Gm crops & South Asia( Working)

Field of Interst

1 Clinical biochemistry 

2 Food technology

 3  Advanced molecular biology  and Genetic diseases

4 Immunology 

5 Cell and Protein Biology 


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