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Work experience

Jan 2007Present


Egosi Inc.
Jan 2009Present




Synagogue Kol Shirit, I enjoy excersize. I run 9 Kilometers 3 times per week. I play football, basketball, soccer, and golf. I enjoy spending time with my family, my wife, son 8 years old, daughter 6, and daughter to be scheduled in November. we go to the beach almost every weekend. I enjoy watching movies. I like to work and that is what I spend 90% of my time doing.


An entrepreneur who has built his career around diverse business enterprises, Noam Egosi currently serves as Co-Owner and President of Egosi, Inc. A call center consultancy firm, Egosi, Inc. specializes in services designed to promote call center functionality and efficiency. The company offers data mining, call center training, on-site management, and retention training programs to a small group of selected call centers. Along with his efforts at Egosi, Inc., Mr. Egosi is the Chief Executive Officer of Dialmetrics Corp. in Panama City, Panama, a call center employing college-educated, bilingual operators. With additional facilities in Managua, Nicaragua and Miami Beach, Florida, the company has grown from a 15-man operation to a multi-national corporation, serving thousands of calls per day. Dialmetrics specializes in providing U.S.-based companies with a call center whose employees operate on standard U.S. time zones. The company’s convenient location in Central America also allows executives to make on-site trips in less than three hours from Florida, as an alternative to extensive trips to offshore call centers further afield. Prior to contributing his leadership to Dialmetrics, Noam Egosi owned and operated the House of Boba in St. Petersburg, Florida. The store sold the popular Taiwanese-based boba or “bubble tea” to consumers in western Florida. After two years, Mr. Egosi’s bubble tea venture proved successful enough that he was able to sell it and invest further in Egosi, Inc. For five years, Mr. Egosi operated Noam’s Rugs, which wholesaled thousands of quality Persian rugs to stores, vendors, and other retail clients. At its height, the business grossed about $50,000 each month. Although he enjoys his busy career, Noam Egosi enjoys taking time out to go to the beach with his growing family.