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Work experience

Jul 2014Present

Department Manager

McDonald's APMEA

Organizing and maintaining the production systems of the restaurant, managing several shift managers and 30-110 crew people to ensure the business operates effectively. Weekly and monthly stock takes as well as weekly ordering to ensure supply meets demand. Planning, delegating and completing preventative maintenance as well as organizing external contractors. Performance management for all employee's in the department. Customer service and Ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.

Nov 2013Jul 2014

Shift Supervisor

McDonald's APMEA
Manage the day to day operations of the business. Complete food safety verification to ensure minimum quality standards are met. Counting, tracking and handling of cash registers and safe.
Jan 2012Nov 2013

Crew Trainer

McDonald's APMEA

Training new employee's in policy's and procedures. helping run and manage day to day operations of the business.  Customer service and Ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.



Bachelor's Degree

Queensland University of Technology

Bachelor degree in Science, Majoring in Geology


High School

St James College




Registered Training Organisation (RTO) 91614: Ton Ton Song PTY LTD trading as Coffee School

SITHFAB201 Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol


Customer Service

Ensuring customer satisfaction.  Daily handling of customer needs and requirements, responsibility of handling and preventing customer complaints.

Cash Handling

Daily counting, tracking and handling of safe, float and deposits.

Microsoft Technologies

Proficient skill in all Microsoft office suite

Preventive Maintenance

Planning, delegating, completing  and organizing external contractors to complete maintenance.

Performance Management

Communicating area's of improvement and highlighting skills to improve to employee's 

People Skills

Displaying open and friendly body language.  Making myself someone that that is approachable from a customer and employee standpoint. 

Employee Training

Ensuring new employee's have a thorough understanding of policies and procedures in the workplace.


Ensuring my team complete jobs assigned to them and balancing the needs of the business with time management.

Team Management

On a daily basis managing a team ranging from 2-20 people and ensuring all are on task and completing assigned jobs, ensuring employee's receive breaks, start and finish on time and the needs of the business are met.


Balancing the amount of people needed working at any one time against profitability.

Inventory Management

Weekly and monthly stock take, weekly ordering cycles.

Time Management

Ensuring on a daily basis that required tasks get completed by the required times, knowing when to delegate tasks and to whom.


Julie Morahan


Tristan Oldman / Restaurant Manager