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Having 17 years of award-winning experience in developing solutions to drive both small companies and market leaders to success, I am uniquely qualified to make a major impact on your bottom line.Business revolves around data, and provides all tiers the ability to make sound decisions, both strategically and operationally. I am experienced in all aspects of data management, including data mining, mapping, analysis, and integration, and I am very adept at exceeding the expectations of all my internal customers. I understand different levels of data management, such as data structures, normalization techniques, modeling, and finding hidden relationships with unlike systems.My exceptional ability to greatly increase the accuracy of your data can immediately save your organization tens of thousands of dollars or more. I have consistently proven this with past organizations, saving my last employer $3.5M with one solution alone. I have controlled multiple projects and applied leading-edge technologies, and possess extensive troubleshooting experience in fast-paced, deadline oriented environments.Let’s have a conversation about what my abilities can do for you.

·Highly Effective Data Management with a Solutions Focus

·Continual Process Improvement with Impressive Results

·Breadth of Experience in Successful Problem Solving

Key Skills

Impeccable work ethic × Active listener × High autonomy and initiative with a strong record of success × Logical and analytical thinker × Analyzes situations rapidly × Operations-oriented × Identifies and mitigates problems by working collaboratively with all departments × Able to quickly adapt and contribute to a variety of organizations × Meets demanding objectives within tight deadlines × Rare ability to maintain perfect quality while delivering speedy results.



Work experience

Apr 2009Present


Timformation Technical Services
Jan 2001Apr 2009

Business Data Analyst


Created an asset and configuration system to manage 386K supported components and 520K complex physical and virtual relationships. This provided management the ability to most efficiently allocate human capital, quickening the response time for issues by 35% for a 2,500 person IT Department.

Devised a dashboard tracking system for IT Project Managers, streamlining their status updates and making them collective and queriable for 30+ concurrent multi-million dollar projects.

Conceived of and built a matrix that dynamically updated support group assignments, greatly increasing data integrity from 27% to 84% and saving 4.1 Full Time Equivalents (FTE) annually.Produced a reporting system of IT operational data from scratch, providing both standard and ad hoc reporting capabilities for 3,500 department users.Received coveted award for designing a solution to determine the number of actual vs. in-use Oracle installations, which saved the company $3.5M annually in enterprise software license expenses.Devised system to automate enterprise IP range discovery that performed entire analysis and prepped input data for 300K IP addresses. This automation reduced cycle time from 8 working days to under 3 hours, and increased data integrity from 50% to 98%.Streamlined the CMDB process with a new service management tool that saved 100 man hours / 2.5 FTE.Automated mass data upload process, saving at least 6.25 FTE while decreasing the error rate by 98%.

Jan 1999Dec 2000

Systems Management Consultant


Built an online remote site map that provided visibility of 15 sites, allowing support team to diagnose critical issues from corporate headquarters and consistency across sites.Created desktop build solution that decreased installation time by 50%, saving 1.2 FTE annually.

Jan 1997Dec 1998

Technical Support Consultant

Data Systems and Technology

Discovered backlog of User ID requests, and developed a solution that eliminated a 36-week backlog within 25 hours and automated future manual processing, saving 433 man hours annually.Developed scripts to respond and prioritize alerts, reducing ultimate response time to critical outages by 85%.