At PicCell Wireless, Chief Executive Officer Brandon Ferrante has provided essential leadership to the company in a variety ways. In particular, he has contributed to the company's current direction and emphasis on charitable causes and organizations. PicCell Wireless maintains an online blog which documents the company's accomplishments in the realm of corporate philanthropy. Brandon Ferrante served as the catalyst to initiate collaborations with The Borgen Project, a Seattle nonprofit organization it now sponsors, whose goals are to work to reduce poverty both nationally and internationally by raising awareness and facilitating the passage of key pieces of anti-poverty legislation. Brandon Ferrante and PicCell Wireless have also worked with Oxfam in order to assist their efforts to rebuild infrastructure and homes in areas of the world wracked by war and violent conflict. Brandon Ferrante has also played a key role in ensuring that PicCell Wireless stays on the cutting edge of wireless device and mobile communications technologies. One of the most notable PicCell Wireless services, pioneered for American students traveling internationally, studying abroad, or leaving United States for an extended period, is the revolutionary U.S. Virtual Number. Often times, when American travelers go abroad, they must use a number that requires their contacts in the United States to dial international country codes and pay expensive international rates. The U.S. Virtual Number, introduced by PicCell Wireless under Brandon Ferrante's guidance, eliminates much of the confusion, hassle, and expense of international calling by providing an American phone number that when dialed from the United States, connects to the traveler abroad, and is billed as a domestic call for the caller. By providing such a service, PicCell Wireless aims to improve the ease of communication between those traveling abroad and their friends, family, or business contacts at home in the United States.

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